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How to Prepare for Easyjet Cabin Crew Online Assessment?

There is no better way to get into the aviation industry short of becoming a pilot than through cabin crew recruitment. If you are interested in a career that revolves around short international flights where your conversation and service skills with clients are tested, then why not sign up with EasyJet?

EasyJet is an award-winning airline that offers affordable short-haul flights in 35 European countries. Short-haul flights are a playground of rapidly changing environmental factors, and easyJet’s crews need to be able to provide a warm welcome to their passengers while they are on their flight.

If you think you have what it takes to form part of the easyJet cabin crew, then you need to be prepared for the application process. If you study hard with the help of Jobtestprep and their myriad of tips and preparation material, your place in easyJet is assured.

The Application Process

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The application process for joining the easyJet crew can be split into roughly four parts.

The first is filling in the online application form where you send in your CV and answer essential questions regarding your eligibility for the job, including your desired cabin crew role. This is just to verify that you can perform the basic tasks required of the cabin crew through physical checks.

Examples are: being able to swim unaided for 25 meters, treading water that is waist-deep for at least one minute and that you do not have any tattoos or piercings that would violate the dress code.

The second step is an online assessments test, which takes about thirty minutes to complete. There are three main sections in this test that we will go through in detail in the next part.

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The third section will be held in person and will test your ability to function in a team with group exercises and an interview that is set up similarly to a personality test.

One of the tests they will give you is to present and sell an item to your peers. You will also be given a simple task to accomplish as a group exercise to show your teamwork skills.

The fourth and final step is a more formal last interview that focuses on your work competency and experiences.

The easyJet interview questions will revolve around your previous work experiences and take around 40 minutes. Here you will need to show the interviewer that you have the qualities required to be the best at the job.

Now that you have an idea of the whole recruitment process, let’s look at what you need to have prepared for the assessment day.

About The Exam

One week after you sent in your online application, you should receive an email inviting you to qualify for the rest of the easyJet cabin crew assessment. You will get an invitation to complete an online test which should take you around 30 to 40 minutes to finish.

You will also receive a date by which you need to complete the test. Make sure you have ample time and no distractions for your easyJet cabin crew assessment day.

There are three online tests candidates need to pass to reach the next section of the recruitment process. Here are the three main parts you need to prepare for your virtual assessment day.

What Does the Test Consist Of?

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Verbal Reasoning Test

The verbal reasoning test easyJet cabin crew online assessment only allows your 12 minutes to answer 42 multiple-choice questions. That is only 17 seconds to answer each question. What’s more, is that you have to go through five different passages as well.

You will need to use the information from each passage to answer a multiple-choice question. You will be given a statement based on the passage. You have to say if the statement is true, false or impossible to judge because there isn’t enough information to substantiate a solid answer.

There are a lot of difficulties in trying to answer that many questions in such a short time. You will have to work very fast if you want to answer as many of the questions in time, let alone finish the whole assessment. The mental stress that comes with writing the test is made all the more debilitating by the time limit.

The way to overcome these significant hurdles is to practice taking similar tests under the same time pressure.

Jobtestprep has created a pack of practice tests that differs slightly from the Scales Verbal Reasoning test provided by Cut-e.

The significant difference is that there are more questions at the same time limit. If anything, this should serve as a final test of your skills to see if you can overcome the challenge ahead.

Luckily, cut-e’s format and question style are typical to all of their tests. So familiarizing yourself with the types of questions they have on offer and the style you will be answering them in will ensure that you are successful.

Work-related Behaviour and Personality Test


This section is similar to most personality quizzes you would find on the internet.

These online assessments are mainly here to judge your social awareness and test whether or not you would fit the easyJet company culture.

Another reason why employers like to use these tests is that it shows how you, the candidate, would react to the situations and challenges you will face on the job, specifically about work relationships between your employers and your co-workers.

This quiz also feeds into the situational judgement portion of the recruitment process. Out of everyone at easyJet, the cabin crew deals the most with the public directly. Your future employers need to know if your interpersonal skills and workplace behaviours are on the level with the job demands.

Situational Judgement Questionnaire

The behaviour test looked at your actions regarding your relationship with easyJet. The cabin crew situational judgment test focuses on your reactions to customer-related problems and other situations you will face while in the air.

This multiple-choice Situation Judgement test — or SJT — will present you with several situations a cabin crew member will face. The successful completion of this assessment will depend on your ability to react to these different situations promptly. You have four options to choose from for each situation, and only one answer is correct.

There isn’t much in the way of formal preparation you can do to prepare for this test. The questions are primarily situational and vary between each test.

There is, however, a slew of practice tests on Jobtestprep that have similar questions and a similar structure to the SJT. These sorts of tests are used for various jobs where situational awareness is key. So even if the context will differ, the types of reactions are similar.

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Sample Question From the Exam

The SJT test is by far the most difficult to prepare for, so we will be focusing on that for now.

If you are worried about the Behavior- or the Reasoning tests, the best answer is: Don’t be. Those tests assess your social behaviour more than your reactions. Just think rationally and go through a few practice tests, and then you’ll be alright.

Example SJT Question

Try to answer the below question on your own before you look at the answer.


You are a member of a very busy team. You have been unofficially warned by a friend in the training department that some teams will need to take on extra duties due to the introduction of new safety regulations.


a) Explain to your friend that your team should not be picked because it is already very busy
b) Wait and see; hopefully, you won’t be chosen for more work
c) Keep an eye out for how you can do things more efficiently in case you need to free up some time
d) Tell your manager that new safety procedures are going to have a big impact on the way the team will work


The correct answer is c).

If you have trouble understanding the reasoning behind some of the questions during your actual test, make sure to note it and ask your instructor on your Cabin Crew Training Day.

Preparation Tips

Online Assessments Preparation

You will be provided with a date for when the assessment is due, but you will need to clear your own time to write it in. Make sure you won’t be disturbed by any outside sources, be it your phone or your family.

Ensure your internet connection is stable and that you have a backup plan in case any network connectivity issues arise.

In-person Preparation

You will have to bring your own pens, pencils, and a calculator to write the exam. There will be no stationary for you to borrow.

It’s normal to feel nervous in an exam venue. Make sure you are calm when you enter and that you are physically relaxed before you start.

Final Thoughts

Your preparation for the exam is the key to your success. If you manage to pass on the assessment day, you should receive a message inviting you to the in-person group assessment. Good luck, and happy studying!