Dollar Tree Hiring Guide: Online Application, Interview & Assessment Pre

You might have thought that Dollar Tree was just a popular store with cheap goods, but with over 6,800 stores across North America, it is also a huge provider of jobs at all levels. We don’t just mean from cashier up to store manager.

There are also many corporate positions available in all areas of the company, from finance to logistics to real estate. With that many jobs available, it’s no wonder that they have constructed their own application and assessment process.

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There are a lot of different application processes out there, and it can be difficult to stay on top of what you need for each one. We strongly recommend that you go through some practice tests beforehand.

That way you can be fully prepared for what you will face, you can be familiar with the style of the process, and you can become accustomed to thinking in the right way. You can find a very helpful PrepPack with Job Test Prep here.

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What is the Dollar Tree Application and Assessment Process?

There are four different sections for the Dollar Tree Application and Assessment process. The first is the online application itself, the second is the telephone interview, the third is the assessment test, and the final stage is the onsite interview. In this article, we will take a look at each of these different sections.

Online Application

The online application is the first insight that Dollar Tree will get into who you are. It is a pretty simple form, asking for your personal details, your ability to work (for instance certain days, overtime, visa requirements etc).

It will also ask you for your level of schooling, hobbies, and employment history. This might all sound like it is just a formality, but this application will make the first impression and determine whether or not you will get that first interview.

Before answering the employment history questions, it is worth thinking about what position you are applying for. If you are applying for a corporate role in the finance team, your time working at a diner will be a lot less important than your last three years working in audit.

However, if you are going for a role in the sales team, then it could be important to show that you have had customer-facing roles before.

Quick Tip: If you are filling it in by hand, take care to keep your handwriting tidy. Bad handwriting will make a bad first impression and could lead them to toss out your application without reading it properly.

Take Dollar Tree Application and Assessment Practice Test Now

Telephone Interview

Once the online application has been submitted, the recruiters will sift through them all to see which candidates have the best fitting CV, in terms of the skills and qualifications that are required for the position.

If your CV meets this standard, you will have a telephone interview. In this interview, they will be asking you questions about your background and your experience. Make sure that you know everything you can about the position that you are applying for so that you can tailor your answers accordingly.

You need to think about what experience you have and how that is relevant to this role. Remember, they are looking at what you can bring to the role and how you will help the company.

Quick Tip: Speak clearly and enthusiastically when you are on the telephone with them. They want to hire someone who wants to be there, and being able to communicate well is a great way to make a good impression.

Online Assessment

As we mentioned before, Dollar Tree has a lot of different positions across the company and at varying levels. Some of the entry-level roles might not require an online assessment, but the higher-level roles probably will.

These tests can vary, but they are likely to test you on your verbal, numerical, and non-verbal reasoning. This will give them an overview of your general intelligence and logic, which will help to evaluate your potential for the role, rather than looking at the knowledge you have already gained from school etc.

These tests help to place candidates in the roles that suit them best and give a fair and unbiased analysis, with all of the candidates being tested on the same things.

Quick Tip: Do as many practice tests as possible. Job Test Prep has a great PrepPack, which includes situational judgment tests and personality tests, as well as tutorials to help you be as prepared as possible so that you can ace these tests.

Take Dollar Tree Application and Assessment Practice Test Now

Onsite Interview

If you have done enough practice and are successful in your online assessment tests, you will make it through to the final round: The Onsite Interview. Again the format for this will depend on the level of position that has been applied for. It could be either a one-on-one interview, a group interview or a panel session.

Whichever format of interview you have, go into it well prepared. Know what your experience is and what is required for the role you are applying for. This will help you with speaking confidently and answering questions quickly and assuredly.

Quick Tip: Have a couple of questions prepared before you go in. You should try to think of something about the role that you will be going for, such as what a particular day or aspect might entail, but also try to think of a question that relates to the company at large, and maybe how your role relates to an aspect of it.

Interviewers will be impressed if you seem more genuinely interested in the company and like you really want the role.

Take Dollar Tree Application and Assessment Practice Test Now


The best advice that we have for you with the Dollar Tree application and assessment process is to be as prepared as possible. Look into the role and company, think about how your experience is relevant, what you can bring to the role, and how you would like to grow with the role.

If you have online assessments, do as many practice tests as possible, and in the interviews speak confidently. If you believe in yourself, it will give them more reason to believe in you too.

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