How does your CV measure up against your competition? Find out today.

As a job-hunter or promotion-seeker, nothing is more important than your CV. It’s your most important professional document and should be treated accordingly.

In the eyes of the recruiter, your CV is you.

  • Your CV makes your first impression (during your application).
  • Your CV makes your last impression. When the hiring decision is made, your CV will be displayed next to the other candidates’ and will be the document the interviewer(s) use to remind themselves of all the candidates’ skills and experience.

Your CV will literally be in the hands of the hiring manager at the moment the hiring decision is made.

Send us your CV and we’ll evaluate it for you. We’ll show you where you are falling short versus your competition. Our CV evaluation service is fast and high-quality. (And of course, it’s 100% confidential.)

Sound good? Let’s get started!

This is a simple 3-step process:

  1. You make a payment of £20.
  2. You upload your CV.
  3. We send you a report with a detailed evaluation of your CV, including how it compares to your competitors’. We’ll highlight its weaknesses and tell you what improvements will give you an edge.