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How To Prepare For Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Test?

Customer service representatives work in call centers, banks, hotels, and restaurants. Pretty much every plausible company has at least one customer service representative.

But to embark on a CSR career, you might have to take the CSR test first. If you are faced with this test, you might be wondering what exactly it entails. Although it can seem intimidating at first, with the right preparation, you can ace the CSR test with ease.

Take the Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Practice Test to improve your score.

What Is The CSR Test?

The CSR Test is a series of aptitude tests that simulates workplace scenario situations. It bases its questions and sections on those wishing to work in call centers and other popular customer service-based environments.

The test has two major segments:

  • The job skills portion
  • The interactive test

Let’s take a look at what each portion looks like.

The Job Skills Test

For the initial portion, the job skills exam, you go into a monitored room where you sit in front of a tracked phone.

During most of this test, you listen to previous customer calls and track data from each conversation. You must know how the software works and how to correctly input information from the calls on the software.

Your grade depends on three subcategories, including:

  1. Basic Work Station – The basic work station is as it sounds. It measures your basic abilities to calculate data input based on speed and accuracy. You need to work quickly and thoroughly to receive a decent score.
  2. Customer Order – The customer order section is the main part where your customer service skills come to play. You listen to prerecorded or mock calls and work around the customer’s needs.
    The test administrators monitor how you speak to customers, how you treat them, how you view them, and how you navigate their concerns or worries. The grader notes your ability to keep a calm conversation with your customer and keep your cool even if they demand something preposterous.
  3. Bill Inquiry – The bill inquiry section focuses on monetary assets. You answer questions based on your probable interactions with clients who have questions about their bills, pricing, complaints, or concerns. You should be able to handle a worried client but stay firm in your decisions.

Take Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Practice Test Now

Interactive Test

The interactive test simulates the experience of working as a customer service representative. You, as the test-taker, receive mock calls from a customer. You speak to the customer in the way you best see fit, and the test administrators grade you on your interactions.

  1. How you communicate with customers – If you aren’t speaking kindly to the customer, they aren’t going to want to interact with you, and you could potentially lose a client. This is not something a potential employer wants to witness during a hiring test. Treat the customer like a friend, but don’t be a pushover. Stand firm in your decisions, but offer to help them to the best of your abilities.
  2. How you handle pressure – Customer services jobs vary in the work environment. You could have a busy day without a break, or you could have a slow day where you only speak to a few customers. Either way, you have to know how to work under pressure. Take time to focus on each customer, but not too much time you slow down the process. You have to find a happy medium between servicing everyone and doing it in a short amount of time.
  3. How you act on the job – Employers don’t want people who lack drive and professionalism. They want people who hold themselves responsible and handle difficult situations with ease. If you become flustered easily or act in childish ways, your job prospects decrease. Demonstrate your confident attitude and diligent work ethic to your employer during the exam.

Take Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Practice Test Now

How Is The CSR Test Scored?

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Since you complete the CSR test on digital software, the computer grades your score as you work through the test. The exam administrators score each section differently.

Here’s how the software breaks down your results.

Job Skills Test Score

  • The basic work station measures how many correct and incorrect keystrokes you inputted during your session and divides that number by the time you took on this portion. Your score will equal a keystroke per minute score.
  • Customer Order and Bill Inquiry both measure the accuracy of the data entered on the software.
  • The administrators add the three sections and average them for a Job Skills Test total.

Interactive Test Score

This section evaluates two separate components:

Answers plugged into the keyboard during your test and the experience from the mock customer who grades you on

  • Procedure
  • Technicality
  • Efficiency
  • Customer communication
  • Professionalism

The administrators add and average these sections for a total Interactive Test Score.

The final cumulative score for the exam averages both the job skills test score and the interactive test score.

Take Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Practice Test Now

How To Prepare For The CSR Test?

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Job Test Prep offers those looking to start a customer service career a preparation packet to prepare candidates for the CSR test. The preparation pack uses multiple aptitude tests and combines them into a simulator, helping you get a feel for the actual test.

This prep pack includes fifteen comprehensive tests with study guides, score reports, and explanations for each correct answer. If you study with this packet, you’ll learn how to navigate the interview portion of the customer service hiring process and succeed on the CSR (customer service representative) test.

Job Test Prep’s CSR preparation package includes everything you need to ace the CSR exam, including:

  • 16 reading comprehension exams to improve your communication skills, empathy, and thinking skills. When you work in customer service, you deal with all kinds of people. They might not always be nice, but great customer service representatives can speak to anyone and understand different perspectives. Practicing reading comprehension tests help you gain knowledge about communication patterns and critical thinking techniques. By practicing these equations, you learn how to read people and hear them out.
  • 21 data entry drills to practice your inputting skills. This pack has numerical, alphanumeric, cross-referencing, audio, and typing tests to help you master your data entry skills. Since this is one of the most intensive and important portions of the CSR test, practice, practice, practice.
  • 18 error checking tests to hone your skills. Error checking tests measure how well you read data and identify the inaccuracies. When working in customer service positions, this is a significant part of your job, so make sure to master these practice exams.
  • Eight numerical reasoning tests to assist you in dealing with numbers. These tests measure your skill and the ability to read and understand data, something you do daily as a customer service representative.
  • Seven Situational Judgment Tests to familiarize you with possible job scenarios. Situational Judgment tests use hypothetical situations likely to occur in the workplace. For customer service, the situational judgment test focuses on scenarios involving a stressed customer, an unhappy customer, a happy customer, and how to input data. Spend a lot of time with these tests to ace the interactive portion of the exam.
  • Five study guides and interview prep also come in this package.

Take Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Practice Test Now


The CSR prep pack has three options:

  • One week basic license for $79
  • One month basic license for $89
  • Three-month basic license for $99

Each option includes immediate access after purchase, a 73% increase in the chance of hire, access to customer service at jobTest Prep, and all of the study tools mentioned above.

Become a CSR Today

Becoming a customer service representative is within your reach. Get prepared and you should have no problem acing the CSR Test and landing your next role.

Take Customer Service Representatives (CSR) Practice Test Now