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CUNY Math Placement Test 2024: Your Complete Guide to Preparation

The CUNY Assessments are specialized admission-related assessments in the City University of New York. They serve the purpose of testing knowledge and proficiency in certain subjects. The results are used for admission to undergraduate programs and first-semester course placement.

As such, they are an essential aspect of academic success for first-year students. Knowing everything you can about CUNY is a beneficial aspect of preparing for the exam.

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CUNY tests its potential students for English writing, reading, and math. Many students find the math test particularly challenging. This article will focus in-depth on CUNY Math Test in particular. But we will cover the basics of the CUNY tests in general too.

We will show some sample questions and will direct you to the best online library for practice materials where you can start getting ready for your CUNY Math test.

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What Is the CUNY Math Assessment?

All students entering freshmen year take the CCNY Math Placement Test. It intends to assign students to math or courses closely linked to math.

The CUNY Math assessment is a multiple-choice computer-based test that is not time restricted. It aims to measure the students’ knowledge of mathematic-related topics, functions, formulas, etc.

Three proficiency levels are examined:

  • Basic Skills – The order of fundamental math operations
  • Application – Using the fundamental operations in various contexts
  • Analysis – Understanding ratios and more difficult mathematical operations.

The CUNY Math contains four sections:

  • Pre-algebra / Numerical skills
  • Algebra
  • College Algebra
  • Trigonometry.

The questions in these four sections will measure the proficiency of the three levels (skills, application, and analysis.)
In our next part, you can find details about each of these aspects and some sample questions.

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What Does CUNY Math Proficient Mean?

CUNY math proficiency means that the student showed a substantial level of knowledge in Math and mathematical operations on the CUNY math assessment.

To be considered Math proficient, you need a scaled score of at least 57 or more. Scaled scores are done by adding the total number of correctly answered questions and transferring them into a scaled score from the CUNY scales.

The following table explains the scaled scores and the Proficiency level they represent:

Assessment If students show a considerable amount of knowledge in the Algebra section (second section) of the CUNY, they can move on to answer questions from the College Algebra (third section.)

But, if they don’t show enough math skills in the Algebra section, they need to take the Numerical Skills/Pre-Algebra section and receive at least 45 points.

If students are missing only a couple of points to reach the required 57 and be “proficient,” i.e., have between 52 and 56 scaled scores, they are eligible for a CUNY Math test retake, which usually takes place ten days after the first test.

The CUNY Math test is closely related to the algebra course placements in the 1st semester of college. Different CUNY colleges require different proficiency levels in mathematics assessments to consider the CUNY Math Assessment successfully finished.

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Who Is Exempt from Taking the CUNY Math Test?

A focused girl reading a book

The CUNY Assessment Test in Mathematics is not required for incoming first-year students or transfer students that:

  • Have an ACT Math score of 21 or higher
  • Have an SAT Math score of 500 or higher
  • Have a New York State Regents Math score of 70 or more for Algebra I, and Geometry; higher than 65 on Algebra II; higher than 80 in Integrated Algebra, Geometry or Algebra II/Trigonometry.

The CUNY Assessment Tests are not necessary for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree and are working toward a second degree. However, the college may require overseas (international) students to take the examinations upon arrival to help the college identify where they should be placed in math or language courses.

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What Is on the CUNY Math Placement Test?

The CUNY Math placement test has four testing sections:

  • Pre-algebra / Numerical skills

The questions for the Numerical Skills section will cover basic algebraic operations (linear and quadratic equations), fractions, integers, inequalities, percentages, averages, and decimals.








  • Algebra

The Algebra questions will be regarding equations, algebraic expressions, polynomials, and formula manipulations.

Evaluate the expression 2x-7 if:


  • -6
  • -7
  • 1/2
  • 14

Add the polynomials:

2a + 3b + 5a – 7b

  • 7a-4b
  • 7a-10b
  • 7a+4b
  • 3ab
  • College Algebra

The College Algebra section will contain more complex questions about prerequisites, functions, identities, factorials, equations, inequalities, and matrices.


Picture Source: CCNY Math Placement Test Sample PDF

  • Trigonometry

The Trigonometry questions are connected to trigonometric functions and identities, right-triangle trigonometry, and trigonometric graphs. 

Find the tangent of a right triangle if:

a=3 c=5

  • 1/2
  • 3/4
  • 5/3
  • 2/4

Find the cotangent on a right angle

  • 1
  • 0
  • 1/2
  • -1

Students are allowed to use the calculator that is programmed on the computer on which they will take the test. Any further information about the test and what is allowed to use during solving it will be given before the test starts.

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What Are the CUNY Assessment Tests?

Cuny School Of Law

The City University of New York has a unique test program that tests students for their proficiency in some important school subjects before they can enroll in their university. This testing program is called the CUNY (City University of New York) Skills Assessment Program.

When applying to CUNY, students need to show their achieving scores on the ACT, the SAT, or the NY Regents exam. For those that didn’t achieve good scoring on any of these tests or simply do not want to take them, there is the possibility of taking the CUNY assessment, their City University of New York equivalent.

The CUNY placement exams are crucial in admission to the CUNY undergraduate programs and placement in 1st-semester courses.

Furthermore, they can have a long-term effect on the cost of college education, access to remedial classes, or adding semesters to your education plan. A high score on the CUNY assessment can mean excluding you from introductory courses or acceleration through semesters.

To learn more about the CUNY Assessment Test, you can head over to TestPrep-Online and their detailed CUNY article.

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What Does the CUNY Assessment Measure?

With the help of CUNY Assessment tests, students are tested for the three basic school subjects – Reading, Writing, and Mathematics.


The reading test is a multiple-choice test administered through computer software without a time limit for completion.

The Reading CUNY assessment will measure your abilities for reading comprehension by giving you different passages and excerpts of texts to read and answering questions connected to the information provided in these passages.

You need to show your proficiency in understanding and interpreting literal and figurative language, recognizing and adapting numerous writing styles and purposes, and drawing conclusions based on the provided information.
To demonstrate your reading comprehension abilities, you need to receive a scaled score of at least 55.


The writing part of the CUNY assessment is the only timed test, where you get an hour and a half (90 minutes) to finish your essay.

The Writing CUNY assessment will contain a passage of around 250 to 300 words that students need to read. Then, based on the given instructions, students need to identify key ideas and offer their own opinions and arguments through a well-organized, grammatically correct, and logically cohesive essay.

The aspects measured include punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, sentence structure, style, organization, and effectiveness of expression.

The minimum proficiency score that you need on the Writing CUNY test is a scaled score of 56 or more.


The last part of the CUNY is the CUNY Math assessment, where students must show their Math knowledge and proficiency.

The CUNY math test is a computer-based assessment with four sections.

The following few parts of our article will get into more details about the CUNY Math test and all its requirements.

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How Do I Prepare for a College Assessment Test?

Preparing for a college assessment test starts with practicing materials and revisions of everything that has been learned in the past.

It is always advised to review what you have studied before taking a math assessment test, even if you were a strong math student in the past. Knowledge of any kind must be refreshed to be maintained. Once they begin exercising, students frequently discover that knowledge they acquired months or even years before comes quickly to mind.

A good score on a math test may indicate eligibility for intermediate math courses and the ability to skip introductory classes, allowing you to earn the credits you need to graduate more quickly. It also saves money and time by helping you to pass the CUNY Math test with a better score.

Preparing can also be a means of pushing yourself and identifying your natural areas of strength and weaknesses.

TestPrep-Online offers thorough math study guides that can help you learn and practice efficiently. They also have hundreds of test questions you can practice. Furthermore, they give thorough explanations to each question, allowing you to learn while practicing the questions.

Take CUNY Math Placement Practice Test Now

What Does TestPrep-Online Offer?

Focused Student using Laptop

TestPrep-Online currently doesn’t have exclusive CUNY Math practice materials; they have the College-level Practice pack and the ACCUPLACER practice pack.

Both contain the same type of questions, in the same format, and with the same complexity level as the CUNY test. These packs can be purchased either just for the CUNY Math test or as an all-inclusive pack for all three aspects of the CUNY tests (English reading, writing, and math).

With the College Level Math practice pack, you will get:

  • Practice materials with questions covering decimals, equations, estimations and measurements, formulas, the four operations, fractions, and geometry
  • 25 practice tests for college assessments
  • 8 math study guides and helpful tips
  • More than 400 practice questions for math placement tests
  • Comprehensive answers and explanations for each of the questions
  • Online availability and welcoming customer service

Another option for college students about to take the CUNY Math test is the thorough ACCUPLACER Math Practice Pack. It consists of

  • Three ACCUPLACER math tests (147 questions)
  • 383 additional math questions
  • Three ACCUPLACER math study guides
  • One ACCUPLACER information guide
  • Personalized score reports
  • Detailed answer explanations
  • Secured payment and 12-month license.

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If you think you need help with all aspects of the CUNY Placement tests, then we propose using the service of TestPrep-Online English, Reading, and Math Practice tests. With the All-Inclusive pack, you will get:

  • 1258 questions covering Math, English Writing, and English Reading Comprehension
  • 8 Math study guides
  • 2 English Study guides
  • Detailed questions and answers with comprehensive explanations for each answer
  • Score reports
  • Yearly subscription to tests and easy access
  • Secure payment and friendly customer support

The ACCUPLACER practice materials also come in an All-Inclusive ACCUPLACER Premium Pack, with English Language and Math sample questions. This bundle is beneficial for students about to take all Writing, Reading, and Math CUNY tests. With TestPrep-Online ACCUPLACER Premium, you get:

  • 3 ACCUPLACER math tests (147 questions)
  • 3 ACCUPLACER English tests (120 questions)
  • 3 ACCUPLACER essay guides
  • Additional 383 math questions and 360 English questions
  • 6 additional ACCUPLACER study guides
  • Detailed explanations and score reports
  • Secured payment and 12-month license

Take CUNY Math Placement Practice Test Now


The CUNY Placement test is used by the City University of New York as part of their enrollment process and 1-st semester course placements. Passing the CUNY placement tests with a good level of proficiency can save you time, money, and effort while allowing you to enroll in classes you like to visit.

This article told you the basics of the CUNY placement test, with a deeper explanation of the CUNY Math test. We included some sample questions that you might find helpful and directed you to TestPrep-Online, the best and most experienced online library for test practice materials.

With numerous bundles and different sets of practice questions found on TestPrep-Online, you certainly can revise and learn everything you need to ace the CUNY test and land the best CUNY courses.

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