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A Comprehensive Guide to the CCAT Test and Hiring Process

If you are looking to apply for a high-paying, remote position at Crossover or have been invited to take their CCAT aptitude test, then you have come to the right place.

In this article, you will discover everything you need to know about the Crossover hiring process and how to prepare for the Crossover CCAT test.

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What Is Crossover?

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Crossover is an international recruitment company that was founded in 2014 by Andy Tryba. Crossover helps recruit qualified individuals and connects them with Fortune 1000 companies that are looking to hire the best talent. This recruitment platform is available in 131 countries around the world. Crossover offers full-time, permanent, and high-paying jobs.

In it’s seven years of existence, Crossover already has over 3,500 employees across the globe. Employees are always paid in dollars and are self-employed. This means that they have the flexibility to set up their own time schedules to complete assignments.

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It’s recruitment services expand to providing tools and a platform for effectively manage all aspects of remote working.

The differentiating factor between Crossover and other recruitment companies, is their competitive qualification process. Therefore proper preparation is crucial.

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Crossover Recruitment Process

The Crossover hiring process requires applicants to follow six online steps. This process takes approximately one to three weeks to complete.

Let’s take a look at the recruitment process steps below.

Step 1: Application Screening

The first step in the hiring process is to have your application screened by the hiring managers. Crossover focuses on 100% remote work opportunities which is an attractive feature, because this means that the entire hiring process is remote.

Your application will be screened in detail. If your application is approved by Crossover, then you will move on to the next step of the hiring process.

Step 2: Online Assessment

The second step of the Crossover recruitment process requires you to complete a five-part online assessment. This step can take anywhere between four to six hours to complete.

Basic Fit Questions (BFQ)

This is a general screener test where you will be asked to complete a questionnaire with basic questions about your past experience and abilities. This will help to determine whether your professional background fits with the job position you are applying for, This stage does not require any technical preparation.

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Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test (CCAT)

The Crossover’s CCAT test is a 15-minute online intelligence and aptitude tests containing 50 questions. The test is broken down into three sections: logic and math, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. No calculators are allowed in this Crossover test, but you can use a pen and paper.

If you haven’t seen the Crossover Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test before, it can throw you off guard as you only have 30 seconds to answer each question. It is important to make sure that you do not waste time trying to answer any one question.

Key Characteristics of the Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test:

  • It is compulsory that the test is taken in English.
  • Negative marking is not applicable for wrong answers.
  • The test is done twice, the second time is proctored and you will be required to use a webcam.

Crossover Cognitive Aptitude Test Scores

Crossover test scores consist of two sections. The first section is a raw score that is calculated from the number of questions you correctly answered. The second section is your percentile score which uses your raw score to compare you against other applicants. The average Crossover CCAT test score is 24/50.

To prepare for the Crossover CCAT test, it is best to go over full length practice tests online so that you are more familiar with the test format.

English assessment

This assessment requires a 2-minute length audio recording in English. The purpose of this is to assess your communication skills. Since all the positions offered are remote, it is essential to communicate effectively through audio and video.

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Subject Matter Expert Questions (SMQ)

This sections consists of a multiple choice questionnaire to test your expertise and knowledge in the field you are applying for. Most technical and non-technical roles request applicants to complete a HackerRank assessment. However, this assessment is not compulsory.

The HackerRank assessment consists of multiple choice questions or coding questions depending on your field of expertise. The test takes anywhere between 40 minutes to three hours to complete, with an average of one hour. HackerRank automatically grades your assessment and you will receive your results within one hour of finishing the exam.

Free Response Questions (FRQ)

The final section of the five part online assessment serves to evaluate your practical abilities which will be tested in hypothetical scenarios based on the job you are applying for. Testing your problem-solving skills and creativity helps recruiters determine your ability and whether you are a good fit for the job offered. It shows them how respond in a tangible work situation.

Five Questions (5Qs) evaluation

Non-technical roles are assessed through 5Qs. This is a set of five scenario based questions which will evaluate your ability to use your skills and past experience to help answer the questions. The questions range from management skills to creating spreadsheets and reports.

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Tech Trial

Technical roles are assessed through a Tech Trail, commonly known as a Tech Trial for Close Friends. This is a coding challenge which requires you to develop and deliver for a technical project. This provides Crossover insight on your day-to-day work capabilities.

When you are taking the Tech Trail, pay close attention to maintenance ability, solution design, and task automation.

The test needs to be completed within three days, and once you start it you have to complete it. You cannot exit the test and then return. You will receive feedback highlighting your strengths and weaknesses within two to five days of completing the assessment.

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Step 3: Interview

Applicants who excel in the five step testing process will be invited for an interview. You will receive an email with a calendar and available calendar openings. Only the best performing and most suitable applicants make it to this stage.

You will be interviewed in English via Skype. This interview will allow the hiring manager to get to know you better and find out more about your previous work experience. If you are applying for a technical role, you may be asked to do live coding.

You will receive feedback from your interview within one day.

Step 4: Pre-hire and Background Check

In this step the hiring manager will conduct a general background check and look into your employment history. Your internet and computer speed will also be checked.

Step 5: Hiring Manager Interview

If you have applied for a specific job, the hiring manager will contact you about the specific role or project under offer. In this interview you will discuss the terms, and once agreed upon, they will hire you.

Step 6: Job Offer or Invitation to Join the Crossover Marketplace

Once your application has been reviewed, and if you have excelled in your interview then you will be emailed a job offer to join Crossover or you will be invited to join the Crossover Marketplace.

The Marketplace is a tool where hiring managers can choose applicants that have already been selected and passed Crossover’s competitive hiring process. This helps simplify employers recruitment processes, and they can immediately reach out and invite you for an interview.

If you do well in the interview, you can secure a full-time position.

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Crossover Hiring Tournament

If you are applying for a technical role, then you may experience a slightly different hiring process. You may be asked to participate in a “hiring tournament” or a “hiring marathon”.

Hiring tournaments are over the course of one day, compared to the normal two week long hiring process. If you excel in the hiring tournament, you will leave with a remote work opportunity and a minimum salary of $100,000.

You can find some of the technical roles with hiring tournaments on the official Crossover website.

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What Is WorkSmart?

WorkSmart is a productivity tool developed by Crossover. It gives recruiters and employees full transparency and allows recruiters to measure the progress of employees and the time it takes them to accomplish goals and complete projects.

This tool records your working hours, takes screenshots and activates your webcam when you work, to help recruiters verify that your paid working hours are being effectively completed. In a nut shell, WorkSmart ensures that you are paid for what you produce and gives you and your employer full account of your work and progress.

Final Thoughts

The Crossover application process is a very selective and competitive process to ensure that only the best applicants are selected and then matched with suitable companies.

The online assessments are there to help employers understand your skills and abilities, and determine whether you would be a perfect fit for the job application.

It is important that you strive to do your best in these assessments as they are critical components to move on in the hiring process. Using the practice tests created by Job Test Prep will increase your chances of being selected. Remember the more you practice, the better your chances are.

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