CPCA Police Officer Exam: Your Complete Guide to Success

Are you looking to join Connecticut’s police force and make your community a better place? Each police officer in Connecticut needs to pass the rigorous CPCA testing as part of their employment process.

The testing is a multiple-step process that tests the physical, psychological, and cognitive abilities of a police officer candidate. The CPCA written exam is one step in this extensive process. It can be tough, so it is vital you prepare.

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The first thing a candidate should do to ace the CPCA exam is to learn everything they can about the test itself. And then practice, practice, practice.

Our guide will describe the CPCA test, explain the CPCA questions, explain what the CPCA test measures, and advise how to practice for the CPCA exam.

Read on and familiarize yourself with the CPCA Police officer testing and hiring process.

What Is the CPCA Test?

The CPCA test is one of the written examinations that each Connecticut Police Officer candidate should take and pass to continue the hiring process. The CPCA exam is administered by policeapp.com, a specialized website for Police recruitment and hiring in numerous U.S states.

To take the CPCA test alone, you don’t have to fulfill the requirements for becoming a police officer. Nonetheless, you can be disqualified from the hiring process if you don’t comply with the basic requirements for a police officer, even if you have a good CPCA score.

To apply for the CPCA test, you need to regularly check their following test admissions and pay a $95 fee for entry. The test results and the CPCA score are valid six months before expiration. In the meantime, you can retake the test if you want to better your scores by applying one more time and paying another entry fee.

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Requirements for Becoming a Police Officer in Connecticut

Connecticut's Police Logo

If you want to become a police officer in the state of Connecticut, you need to comply with some basic requirements:

  • Be a U.S. citizen
  • Have at least 21 years of age
  • Have a valid driving license
  • Have a high school diploma or an equivalent
  • Have no misdemeanor convictions or felony convictions
  • Meet the requirements for each testing during the hiring process

The minimum requirements needed vary depending on the job position itself.

CPCA Hiring Process

As part of its mission, the CPCA ensures that all new police officers employed in Connecticut have adequate theoretical and practical knowledge and good personal background.

To do so, they have an extensive hiring process:

  1. Online application
  2. CPCA or LEC Written test
  3. CHIP (Complete Health and Injury Prevention) test
  4. Oral interview with a board of representatives
  5. Personal history questionnaire
  6. Background check
  7. Polygraph test
  8. Psychological test
  9. Physical exam and drug screening
  10. Interview with the Chief of Police

After all the tests and evaluations, the police department where an applicant wants to work chooses if the applicant is suitable and will be hired. If so, the candidate doesn’t directly become a police officer but instead first finishes Basic Training Program at the Connecticut Police Academy or another Council-approved Academy.

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What Is the Format of the CPCA Test?

The format and content of the CPCA exam are kept a secret, and only a few details are available online. Furthermore, the test is time-restricted, so test takers need to be fast and efficient when answering the questions. These are the reasons why a lot of candidates are anxious before taking the CPCA test.

JobTest-Prep is the only accredited, online-based library that offers exclusive CPCA practice tests, as recommended on the Police app website.

What Is the CPCA Test Used for?

The CPCA exam is one of the ways that the CPC Association tests whether police officer candidates are competent and worthy.

The CPCA test is used for hiring in any of the following positions:

  • Entry level Police Officer
  • Certified Police Officer
  • Animal Control Officer
  • 911 Dispatcher

All the CPCA tests for these law-enforcement job positions cover the same topics and measure the same abilities, but the passing standards differ.

The CPCA tests are accredited and valid for a set period and can be used by police departments to hire competent candidates. The Police App shares a list of all the test participants and their scoring with state-wide police departments. If a position is opened, police departments can contact competent individuals and continue the hiring process.

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CPCA Test Structure and Questions

At its base, the CPCA test measures cognitive abilities and knowledge. These abilities include:

  • Reasoning, common sense, and critical thinking
  • English language, grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Basic math skills and mathematical operations
  • Ability to distinguish and understand important information

The CPA test is administered online through the PoliceApp website. Its format is in multiple-choice questions, where up to four possible answers will be provided, out of which one is correct.

In the following sections, we will provide details about each CPCA exam testing section:

Critical Reasoning

The Critical thinking part of the test will measure your ability to go over materials, analyze the information provided and draw conclusions from it.

Sample question source: JobTest-Prep

English Language and Grammar

In the English language and grammar segment, the CPCA exam will test your abilities to understand English and formulate grammatically correct sentences. It will also test your knowledge of punctuation, grammar, and sentence structure.

Sample question source: JobTest-Prep

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Reading Comprehension

The Reading comprehension part will test your ability to read, understand and interpret the information given in a written form.

Sample question source: JobTest-Prep

Basic Math Skills

This segment of the CPCA exam will measure your abilities to do basic math calculations using basic mathematical operations. You’re not allowed to use a calculator.

Sample question source: JobTest-Prep

CPCA Police Officer Exam Scores

Police Officer

The CPCA police officer exam scoring is also kept secret and not publicly shared. After a particular CPCA testing, the participants’ results come in the form of a ranked list available to police departments around Connecticut. Individual scores will also be reported to candidates a couple of days after you take the test.

The particular rank place a specific police officer applicant is given depends on all the testing participants and their scores. For example, in one testing session, a participant can come 20th, while on another, be ranked 40th, even though they had the same score on both tests.

A score above 80% is considered good, while over 90% means a highly competent candidate. But, as the Police App website states, only 1 in 4 candidates get a score of over 80%, and only 1 in 50 participants rank higher than 90%.

This means that most candidates get around 60% to 75% of the questions right. The competition is highly clustered, where only a couple more correctly answered questions can get you higher on the CPCA list.

If you are not happy with the results of the CPCA test, you can retake it at any given time once you pay your entrance fee. If you retake the exam and score higher, your initial score will be replaced with the higher one, and police departments will automatically get an update of your new score.

If you don’t want to retake the test, your results will be valid for six months. After that, if you are still not employed as a police officer and want your availability to be displayed on the list, you need to retake the test and get a new score.

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How to Pass the CPCA Police Officer Exam?

Passing the CPCA police officer exam will require continuous and dedicated work and practice before taking the test.
This is what you can do before taking the CPCA test to prepare for it:

  • Get used to the CPCA questions format
  • Learn how to manage your time
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses
  • Read more to practice reading comprehension skills
  • Practice your oral and written expression skills
  • Learn from the mistakes you make while practicing
  • Use the help of JobTest-Prep and their practice materials

What Does JobTest-Prep Offer?

JobTest-Prep is the biggest, most extensive, and thorough online library for test practice materials. They have exclusive CPCA exam practice tests and are officially proposed by PoliceApp, as the best place for CPCA exam practice.

Their CPCA exam bundle ensures you will get hundreds of CPCA questions covering all the topics you encounter on the test. Furthermore, they offer helpful tips and techniques that you can use to boost your learning abilities and also answer the questions efficiently and quickly.

In the end, with their help, you can also ease some of the stress due to the time restriction since their test materials are all timed tests, allowing you to simulate the actual test fully.

This is what you can find in JobTest-Prep CPCA Exam 2023 bundle:

  • 9 full Reasoning tests
  • 12 Language and grammar drills
  • 15 complete Reading Comprehension tests
  • 10 full Basic Math drills
  • 2 Police forms tests
  • Total of 7 study guides and Video tutorials to help you learn
  • Detailed explanations and Score Reports tracking your progress

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About CPCA

CPCA is an abbreviation for the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association, a law-enforcement organization dedicated to keeping justice and peace in Connecticut to its highest standard. The Association tasks include:

  • Helping communities understand the role of the police as a public service
  • Maintaining and developing the highest standards in the police profession
  • Developing and promoting education for Connecticut police departments
  • Ensuring good communication and relations between the community and the police


The CPCA exam is a mandatory written test given to Police Officer candidates in Connecticut. With little to no online information about the CPCA test format and questions, it’s hard for Police officer candidates to know what they will be tested for.

JobTest-Prep is the most extensive online library for testing materials, and they have an exclusive CPCA exam practice bundle that can help CPCA candidates for practicing.

Their thorough tests, helpful study guides and tutorials, the timed test format, and the score reports will all ensure that Police Officer candidates receive the best practice materials.

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