Navigating Comcast Assessment: A Guide to Landing Your Dream Job

If you are looking to apply for a job at Comcast Corporation (XFINITY), you will most likely be required to take an assessment test. To achieve successful test results, proper preparation is important.

In this article, we share everything you need to know about the Comcast interview process, common interview questions, what questions to expect on the assessment test, and how to prepare to get your dream job.

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About the Comcast Hiring Process

The Comcast hiring process consists of three key steps: the application process, Comcast assessments, and the interview process.

Each step can further be broken down into more specific sections. We will cover them in detail further in the article.

The online application process is simple and requires you to fill out an application form, which will then be reviewed. If you pass this step, then you move onto the pre-employment assessments.

The assessments you take depend on the position you have applied for. Once you successfully pass the required pre-employment assessment tests, you can then start the interview process.

Now you are one step closer to your dream job.

During the interview process, you may be interviewed via phone call or video meeting. If you pass this with flying colors, then you will be invited for an in-person interview. Should this interview go well, you will be required to take a drug test and have a background check.

If you pass this final step, then you will receive an offer letter to join Comcast.

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The Application Process

Create a Candidate Profile

To start the Comcast application process, you first need to confirm what position you are interested in. Once you have made a decision, you need to create a candidate profile and apply online for your desired job position. The application form will take you approximately fifteen minutes to complete.

The application form contains basic questions about your qualifications, background, and relevant experience. You will also be required to attach your resume and cover letter to the application. Comcast allows you to apply for multiple jobs using your candidate profile.

Application Review

Comcast will review your application once you have successfully submitted all of your details for the desired job.

You will be assessed based on your general experience, education, and skills. Comcast will contact you if your candidate profile successfully meets the specific job requirements.

Comcast Assessment Tests

Comcast requires different types of pre-employment assessments, depending on the nature of the job post you are interested in pursuing.

These include personality tests, TECH tests, aptitude tests, situational judgement tests, typing tests, customer service assessment tests, mathematical tests, and verbal reasoning assessments.

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Many candidates will need to take the SHL verbal and numerical assessments. But if you have applied for a customer service job opening, you may be required to take the customer service assessment test.

Each Comcast assessment test measures your abilities and will determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the job.

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Comcast SHL Tests

SHL is an international psychometric test publisher. It is part of the CEB and serves over 10,000 companies, including Fortune 500 companies.

SHL tests generally consist of 30 to 50 questions. They can take approximately 25 minutes to complete.

To prepare for the SHL tests, practice is important. You need to practice until you are confident in your abilities. To successfully pass the SHL tests, you must work fast and within the time constraints. If you get stuck, you need to move on to the next question.

Comcast Online SHL Numerical Reasoning Test

During the numerical test, you will come across numerical data that has been represented in the form of a table or graph. Based on these representations, you will be asked between 30 and 50 multiple-choice questions.

The test aims to test your mathematical aptitude and ability to calculate fractions, ratios, percentages, and conversions. It also assesses your ability to solve problems and draw rational conclusions based on the representations.

To prepare for numerical reasoning tests, you need to practice your math skills. JobTestPrep has practice tests that you can take to increase your chances of passing the actual test.

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Comcast Online SHL Verbal Reasoning Test

The CEB Verbal Reasoning Test is similar to a reading comprehension test. You will be required to read short passages of text and then answer questions based on each short passage.

Each question asks you to evaluate statements based on the text. You will need to choose whether the statement is true, false, or unknown.

Verbal Reasoning test preparation tips:

  • Plan your time properly between questions.
  • Read the questions carefully before answering.
  • Pay attention only to your writing. There is no need to apply general knowledge.
  • Skip unclear questions, and come back to them later if you have time.
  • Avoid distractions.

Comcast Situational Judgement Test (SJT)

The Situational judgement test evaluates an individual’s behavioral tendencies. This helps in assessing how an employee will behave in specific work situations.

During this test, candidates encounter realistic hypothetical scenarios. They will be required to select or rank the most correct answer based on the specific scenario.

Some preparation tips:

  • Use only the information provided. Avoid assumptions.
  • Multiple-choice questions can be tricky. Carefully read the question and response options before answering.
  • Make sure your answers are specific to the position you are applying for.
  • Do not hesitate or overthink your answers. Be confident in your abilities.

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Comcast Aptitude Test

Aptitude tests are designed to evaluate an individual’s ability, talent, or efficiency in executing a specific task. They assess your interests, values, abilities, and tendencies with regard to your career.

Aptitude tests help employers determine whether you possess the skill set required for the job you have applied for.

Preparing for an aptitude test can be challenging. These tests do not assess your knowledge, but rather your acquired abilities. To increase your chances of passing the Comcast aptitude test, you should continuously test your abilities or the abilities required for the specific job position.

Comcast Typing Test

Typing tests help measure how fast and accurately you can type in a specific time period. Speed and accuracy are the two factors that determine your WPM (words per minute).

The duration of typing tests can be anywhere between one and ten minutes.

During the Comcast typing test, you will receive a passage that you will need to retype as quickly and accurately as possible. As soon as your time limit is up, your test will be scored.

Here are some tips to help prepare you for a typing test:

  • Familiarize yourself with the keyboard.
  • Use both your hands, instead of just one or two fingers.
  • Carefully read the instructions on the test.
  • Practice before taking the test.
  • Pace yourself if you are performing a long test.

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Comcast Customer Service Assessment Test

There are different types of customer service assessment tests, but they all serve the same purpose. The tests serve to measure and highlight characteristics linked to top customer service employees.

Customer service assessments are divided into two sections: a scenario test and personality profiling.

The focus of these tests is on strong people skills. Desired skills include patience, problem-solving, assertiveness, cooperativeness, multitasking, and quality service.

To prepare for a customer service assessment test, you need to practice a customer service simulation test.

Comcast Personality Test

Personality tests create a personality profile that helps employers assess whether you would make a good candidate for the position at hand.

Most personality traits consist of four sections: a true/false section, agree/disagree/neither, a Likert scale, and a statement followed by least/most answers.

You can prepare for a personality test through practice. You should shape your answers to match the employer’s job post.

Comcast TECH Test

The TECH test is a prerequisite for Comcast candidates who are looking to work in the technical field. These jobs include a design technician, a drafter, a communication technician, and a repair technician.

The TECH test battery consists of four sections: graphic problem solving, interpreting diagrams, mechanical concepts, and reasoning from rules. The test can be completed in an hour.

The best way to practice for a TECH test is to take online practice tests. JobTestPrep offers mechanical comprehension materials to help improve your skills on test day.

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Comcast Interview

If you successfully pass all the Comcast assessment tests, then you will be invited to start the next step of the hiring process.

The Comcast interview process requires candidates to pass several rounds of interviews. This includes phone interviews, video interviews, in-person interviews, panel interviews, and HR interviews.

The purpose of this process is to allow Comcast to get to know you better and for you to find out more about the company.

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Initial Interview

Your first Comcast interview will be a video conference interview or a phone interview. The company will schedule an in-person interview if they believe you are a suitable candidate for the position.

Common Interview Questions

  • What is your perfect job?
  • Why are you the best applicant for this position?
  • What is your favorite website?
  • What are your strengths?
  • What are some of the greatest challenges you have faced during your career?
  • What are your career objectives?
  • What aspects do you look for in a company?
  • How can you help our company?
  • What is the name of Comcast’s CEO?
  • What drives you?
Answering questions about strengths and weaknesses

During the hiring process, you may be asked interview questions about your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes applicants find these questions a little difficult to answer.

Below is professional advice that can help you answer these types of questions.


  • Reliability
  • Good judgement
  • Meticulous

Weaknesses :

  • Fails to take credit
  • Working excess hours
  • Not happy abandoning a project

You will receive a notification if you successfully pass the interview process and are selected for the job post.

To complete the hiring process, you will be required to take a drug test and background check.

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Final Thoughts

The Comcast hiring process involves several steps to ensure that selected candidates will be the best fit for the company in the long term.

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Performing your best in the Comcast assessment tests is important for your success in the hiring process. JobTestPrep offers a variety of resources, practice tests, and study guides to help boost your performance on every test.