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2nd Grade CogAT Test – Definitive Guide For Parents + Sample Questions

The CogAT 2nd grade is aimed at students that are approximately eight years old. This test is a cognitive abilities test that will evaluate their math skills and basic linguistic skills.

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About CoGAT 2nd Grade Exam

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) is a test that evaluates your child’s verbal, quantitative, and non-verbal skills. There are different tests from Kindergarten, Grade 1 to Grade 12.

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The questions in the test are typically multiple-choice questions. The CogAT will have 14 levels meant for different age groups in these grades. Schools all over the US will use the CogAT test to evaluate a learner’s skills and to find an exceptionally gifted student.

Learners in the second grade in elementary school will take the CogAT level eight. Learners will need to read the questions in this test. On the other hand, younger learners will have to listen to the questions so they can answer.

Take 2nd Grade CogAT Practice Test Now

How is the CogAT Structured?

There are ten levels in CogAT. Each level will be aimed at a different age group. In a typical situation, the level eight CogAT will be given to children in the 2nd grade who are usually eight years old.

The questions in this test will be related to simple mathematical equations and fundamental language skills such as sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, and basic classification skills.

The CogAT for 2nd grade will consist of 154 questions, and learners will have 122 questions to complete the test.

Verbal Battery

In the verbal battery (section), the test will evaluate the learners’ reading and English comprehension skills. The questions will assess their ability to make inferences, make judgments, and memorize in this section.

Quantitative Battery

This battery will assess the learners’ knowledge of the relationship between numbers and simple numerical concepts in the quantitative battery.

Nonverbal Battery

In the nonverbal battery, the test will have shapes, icons, and pictures to evaluate a learners’ reasoning skills and be able to understand links between two things.

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In some cases, learners will find that reading the questions will add extra pressure to the test. However, the non-verbal section will to some extent, ease the tension. In this section, the learners’ language skills are not the main focus.

Take 2nd Grade CogAT Practice Test Now

Sample Questions

We offer a preparation pack for CogAT Level 8 test. The questions will be similar to the actual CogAT test. This will help students understand how the test is formatted. It will also help students see where they need to improve.

As mentioned before, the CogAT test for the 2nd grade will have three different batteries (sections); the quantitative battery, the nonverbal battery, and the verbal battery. Each battery will have subsections that include the following:

  • Figure Matrices
  • Figure Classification
  • Paper folding
  • Number Analogies
  • Number Puzzles
  • Number series
  • Sentence completion
  • Picture / Verbal Classification
  • Picture / Verbal analogies

All of these subtopics are aimed at developing different skills in students. It’s vital to see the different kinds of questions, answers, and explanations. Working through practice tests will ensure that students have any nasty surprises with the actual test.

With the primary levels of CogAT, there is a focus on picture classification and picture analogies instead of verbal skills. This is to make the questions in the test more straightforward for students to answer, especially since they are still learning to read.

There is also a new test that has been released called the CogAT Screening Form. This test will be in the first subsection of each battery of the CogAT test. So it’s essential to check that students are completing the CogAT Screening Form or the CogAT test at the correct level.


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A question could be phrased like this: “The pictures on the top boxes belong together in a certain way. What picture belongs with the bottom picture in the same way that the pictures on top belong together?”

The correct answer is (A), the candle.

In the image above, the lamp and the lightbulb are examples of the way two things can be related to each other. This is because a lamp will need a lightbulb to have light in a room.

This is in the same way that a candle needs fire or a flame to provide light in a room. You should pay particular attention to the order of the pictures. In this picture, the object on the right needs the thing on the left.

Take 2nd Grade CogAT Practice Test Now

CogAT Test Score

In the CogAT for 2nd grade, three sections need to be completed. These sections are referred to as batteries. Their scores from each of these batteries will be combined into one complete score.

The number related to this final complete score will show in which percentile students will be placed. The percentile placement will be based on the scores of all three sections.

For example, if students get a composite percentile of 85, they will be placed in the 85th percentile or that their score was higher than the other students who took the test.

The average score is based on national age and grade norms. Comparing scores do this from different students who are in the same grade. The comparison will show how well your child did.

Your student’s report card from the test will show the stanine score, standard age score, and percentile rank. The stanine score is ranked from one to nine (nine being the highest score).

If your child gets a high stanine score, it will show that they have highly developed cognitive skills. Teachers can use the stanine score as a helpful reference tool.

The report card will show the student’s score for each battery of the test and the composite score. Showing each score will let you see where students need to improve and where they excel as a parent or teacher.

You will see their percentile rank for the composite score. You will see the student’s percentile rank for each battery in the CoGAT test. Keep in mind that if students get a percentile score of 50 will be considered average.

On the other hand, students who achieve a high percentile score (for example, being in the top 3% or approximately the 97th) will be considered gifted students and enter into talented programs.

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Preparation Tips

If you’re wondering how to prepare your child for the CogAT level eight, there are a few simple steps that you can do to help them pass. For example, finding a free CogAT practice test for test prep can help your child achieve a high score.

Brush Up on IT Skills

Typically, the CogAT is completed online. Because your child will need to complete the test online, you must ensure that your equipment, especially your computer, is working correctly.

You also need to ensure that your 2nd grader knows how to navigate your computer. If they don’t know how to perform basic computer tasks, you might need to set aside some time to teach them the IT skills they need for this test.

Practice Tests Online

You can’t just put your 2nd grader in front of the computer to complete the test and hope for the best. To help them pass, you will need to ensure that your child works through some CogAT practice tests.

There are plenty of practice tests available online. There might even be a free practice test available. This practice test will have questions that are very similar to the questions in the actual CoGAT test.

Some of these CoGAT practice tests will also include a study guide, so students and parents work to prepare for this test. You will need to read the manual to help the student as much as possible when preparing for the CoGAT for 2nd grade.

In the CogAT test, the questions might be phrased differently from the practice tests. These slight changes might lead to students struggling to answer the questions. Parents might need to help students by rephrasing the questions in these situations.

Take 2nd Grade CogAT Practice Test Now

Create a Routine, so students know what to expect

When students take the practice tests, it’s essential to set up a routine. Parents need to make sure that students take the practice test at approximately the same time each day (morning or evening) and have the same amount of time to complete the test.

When students are taking the practice test, they need to take regular breaks and make time to think about the test and their answers. There might be some areas where they will struggle or even get bored.

Students should be encouraged to focus on the sections that they find difficult. Taking practice tests and paying attention to the problematic areas will help students because they are comfortable with the format of the CogAT.

You can speak to your child’s teacher and ask for their advice and tips. You can even ask them about your child’s performance in school. These tips and details will help you as a parent figure out how to help your child pass the CogAT test.

Get Enough Rest and Eat Healthily

All the practice tests and studying in the world won’t help students if they don’t get enough rest. Parents and teachers need to ensure that students eat healthy food, drink enough water, and get enough sleep.

Students also need a calm home environment to learn and study. If your child is feeling stressed and anxious, they won’t be able to retain information and do their best in school.

While keeping a calm home environment, parents also need to offer praise when students succeed. They also need to encourage when they struggle with difficult questions.

It will also be helpful if parents read with students. Parents should try to create a learning routine by reading and asking questions. Reading and asking questions will ensure that they pay attention and improve their comprehension skills.

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Final Thoughts

When students get to the 2nd grade, they will most likely be learning their strengths and weaknesses. In some situations, they might not completely understand what they’re being taught in the classroom.

Some students might even thrive in a classroom environment with formal education. Teachers might have noticed some areas where students will excel but flounder in others.

It doesn’t matter what strengths and weaknesses students have. They should prepare for the CogAT test. They should practice with practices available online. Take practice tests to get used to the format.

Take 2nd Grade CogAT Practice Test Now

Parents and teachers can work together to create a learning routine that students can seamlessly incorporate into the students’ daily lives. A learning routine coupled with a calm and nurturing home will ensure that students reach their potential.

It’s also crucial to remember that cognitive abilities tests such as the CogAT for 2nd grade won’t give a complete picture of your child’s skills and abilities. There are plenty of external factors that will influence how well students do in the test. The scores should be seen as a guideline for students’ academic abilities.