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Mastering the Civil Service Toll Collector Exam: Your Ultimate Study Guide

Toll collectors and other public service job seekers may find the thought of working for the government appealing. It has low entry requirements along with the security of a government salary and benefits.

However, to land a job as a toll collector, you do have to take a pre-assessment exam. This will test your skills and suitability for the role. It is a hurdle that many people find tricky, but it is vital for getting the role you desire.

Take the Civil Service Toll Collector Exam Practice Test to improve your score.

Check out the following suggestions for how to ace the pre-employment screening for a job as a toll collector.

Take Civil Service Toll Collector Exam Practice Test Now

How to apply for a Civil Service Toll Booth Collector job?

The hiring standards for toll collector jobs in the public sector are extremely high and require very little prior experience. You must, however, meet these criteria before you can be considered for employment and take the toll booth collection test. You must:

  • Fill out an application for the job – Your local or state civil service authority can provide you with the most up-to-date information on the filing process for this position. If you have completed any relevant educational or professional experiences, such as work experience in the Civil Service or customer service, include them in your application.
  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Pass a drug test
  • Pass a criminal background check

Once you’ve met these qualifications, you’ll be able to take a toll booth collector exam and increase your chances of getting recruited.

What does the Toll Booth Collector exam assess?

During a typical toll booth collector test comprising the following sets of questions, you can expect the following important areas of your aptitude to be evaluated:

Customer service competence

Your responses will assess how successfully you can use your interpersonal skills to serve the agency’s clients.

Written communication skills

This will aid in determining whether you can express yourself effectively and correctly in written English.

Math skills

This will test your ability to complete simple calculations quickly and accurately.

Reading competence

This will aid in determining your written English comprehension.

Cashiering practices familiarity

This will assess your understanding of the fundamentals of cashiering processes. This test’s psychometrics offer an accurate and thorough assessment of your career aptitude.

Take Civil Service Toll Collector Exam Practice Test Now

What is on the Civil Service Toll Collector Practice Test?

The Toll Collector Exam contains five different questions types:


You will need to rapidly and accurately perform basic arithmetic functions.

Written Expression and Grammar

This includes questions that ask you to organize your phrases and paragraphs in order to convey yourself accurately in writing.

Reading Comprehension

These questions test your ability to read and comprehend text. In this part, you will be given a paragraph to read, followed by questions to answer based on the information provided.

Providing Good Customer Service

These questions will require you to demonstrate your customer service skills. Understanding and responding to customers with a variety of needs and viewpoints, levels of familiarity with agency operations, and acting in a way that both serves the consumer and reflects well on your agency will all be topics covered in the interview.

Cashiering Principles and Practices

You will be tested on your understanding of cashiering methods, terminology, and cashiering issues such as currency, checks, and so on.

Take Civil Service Toll Collector Exam Practice Test Now

How to Prepare for the Toll Booth Collector Test

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You can improve your knowledge with free examples and explanations by using online test study guides and sample toll collector practice exams supplied by various assessment centers. You will gain confidence because of your preparation and will pass your toll booth collector exam with flying colors.

The best method to prepare for the toll collector is to become familiar with the questions that will be asked and to practice as much as you can. A detailed explanation accompanied each question to help you learn from your mistakes and provide useful solving tips and strategies.

The Job Test Prep pack contains practice tests on all of the different question types; a detailed explanation accompanied each question to help you learn from your mistakes and provide useful solving tips and strategies.

Practice Test for Toll Collector

It contains four separate exam portions, each containing a distinct set of questions:

  • True/False
  • Agree/Disagree/Neither
  • Likert Scale (1 to 4, 1 to 7)
  • A statement followed by Least/Most

There are 219 questions in all. The study guide at Job Test Prep will assist you in preparing for any personality test by providing recommendations and information.

Each personality test generates a unique personality profile, which employers evaluate considering the job requirements. For each attribute, each location required a separate set of responses. Employers are more likely to utilize the personality report and questions than the actual test. Employers utilize personality characteristic-specific questions as behavioral questions in face-to-face interviews.

Employers also inquire about specific trait scores from the customized report. As a result, recognizing what valuable position-related attributes include will help you succeed at various phases of the hiring process.

To assist you, we have included questions for each trait so that you may practice and understand what each trait means. In total, we offer 50 qualities in one test, in addition to our standard personality test.

You can take the civil practice tests as part of the all-inclusive civil service exams. English, arithmetic, logic, clerical reasoning assessments, and a variety of other subjects are all available for practice.

They are customized to the civil service exam you’ll be taking, and given through an innovative testing system created by industry specialists.

Take Civil Service Toll Collector Exam Practice Test Now

JobTestPrep Civil Service All Inclusive:

  • Online practice questions for the civil service exams offered by US states and local governments
  • Professional practice packs tailored to each exam title and profession
  • Build your own customized mini-pack based on your pre-hire exam requirements
  • An email away from every question that we offer on the following fields

Subjects Covered on The Exam

  • English – preparing written materials, comprehending and interpreting written materials, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, proofreading
  • Math – calculation skills, mathematical reasoning, arithmetic with a calculator, understanding and interpreting table data
  • Thinking skills – the ability to apply written information, follow directions, apply logical reasoning, apply problem sensitivity, apply deductive reasoning, apply inductive reasoning
  • Clerical – Maintain records, handle letters and numbers, sort/file, compare & check, and detect errors
  • Personal skills – tests of personality, judgment, and reasoning
  • Other skills – memory and observation, spatial orientation, figural reasoning, visualization
  • Professional skills simple accounting, mechanical comprehension, fault finding, diagrammatic reasoning

Take Civil Service Toll Collector Exam Practice Test Now

Is it hard to pass the civil service exam?

Discipline and hard work are required to pass the civil service exam. Some people pass the exam with flying colors despite putting in minimal effort. This is bad luck, as it is because of a solid academic basis.

Final Thoughts

Overall, passing the exam is critical in order for you to embark on your new adventure of becoming a Toll Collector, and you will. More information on how to pass the exam may be found by clicking here.

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