What is the CAT4 Level G Test? – A Helpful Guide for Parents

The CAT4 Level G test is the most difficult of the CAT4 tests and is administered to 11+ students in the 14 years 6 months to 17 years age group.

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Its purpose is to determine what subjects are most suitable for students to take in their continuing education. Test results are also used for admission to senior schools worldwide.

Given those factors, the test has a huge bearing on a student’s academic future and hence on the careers they may pursue when their formal schooling has ended.

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Is the CAT4 Level G Very Difficult?

The CAT4 Level G is at the pinnacle of CAT4 testing. Its difficulty lies in a number of factors:

  • Different test format – Students are not tested on reading or arithmetical skills in the way they might have been in previous tests. Likewise, they are not tested on material they might have previously studied. The test’s difference is what makes it very challenging.
  • Cognitive abilities – Students are tested on their cognitive abilities in the areas of verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning,(thinking with shapes and space) quantitative reasoning, spatial reasoning (thinking with visual images).
  • Complex questions – Questions used to test the students are complex and very different to questions they may have previously encountered. Instead of being tested on material they might have learned by rote, students are asked to work with shapes and images, to find recurring patterns and use those in answering.
  • Timed test – Time limitations are strictly controlled. In the 45 minutes used for the test, students will be faced with 4 test batteries, each battery containing two sections.
  • Multiple choice questions – Questions are multiple choice.

Can You Prepare for the CAT4 Test?

Yes. In fact, preparation for the test is essential if you are not to be overwhelmed by how different the testing is at this level.

For effective preparation, we recommend you use the resources of Test Prep Online, a reliable test preparation company. From them, you will get the information you need about the Level G CAT4 and a test prep pack with sample question papers.

Using this resource you will be using sample test papers mirrored on the real test. You will also get explanations for questions and be able to check your scores as you prepare.

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Preparing for the CAT4 Level G Test

The first step in your preparation is to discover exactly what format the test takes. You will be tested in the following 4 batteries with each battery divided into two sections:

Verbal Reasoning

Tests you on verbal classification and verbal analogies

Quantitative Reasoning

Here you will be tested on number series and number analogies

Non-verbal Reasoning

Expect questions here on figure classification and figure matrices

Spatial Ability

Questions here focus on figure analysis and figure recognition

Each of these areas are assessed in 3 short tests:

Test 1

This deals with figure classification and figure matrices. You are allowed 10 minutes for each of those sections and have to answer 24 questions in each section.

Test 2

This tests you on verbal classification and verbal analogies. 8 minutes are allowed for each of those sections and 24 questions have to be answered per section. Questions on number analogies are also part of the 2nd test. For this section, you are allowed 10 minutes to answer 19 questions.

Test 3

This deals with number series requiring you to answer 18 questions in 8 minutes. Another section on figure analysis presents 18 questions to be answered in 9 minutes. The figure recognition allows another 9 minutes, this time to answer 18 questions.

To get some first-hand experience of the style of questioning try this free sample test here

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How Do I Get a Good score in CAT Level G?

In preparing for the Level G test you have to recognize it is going to be different to any test you have attempted before this.

Practice and use accurate preparation materials. This will put you in a position to score well.

Becoming familiar with the test and the style of questioning will also save you from being overwhelmed when doing the real test.

Having become familiar with what the test entails, your next step is to put a preparation plan in place. This again will be different to preparation you have done for previous tests. You will not be working on material you have studied already but rather on new material.

This will involve working through the sample papers and explanations that come with your test prep pack.

Using these will:

  • Make you familiar with the style of questioning
  • Enable you to hone your skills as you do test after test. As you work through the exercises you will find yourself developing the mindset needed to identify recurring patterns.
  • Give you the confidence of knowing that your work is directly geared to the test
  • Allow you to assess your progress from test to test and identify any areas that are affecting your scores

Effective Preparation Needs Effective Planning

To make your preparation effective try the following tips:

  • Have a designated study place free from distractions
  • Draw up a timetable and stick to it. This will ensure you are ready when the test time comes round and help you avoid any last-minute scramble to cover material.

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Use Proven Study Strategies

Effective study does not involve spending long hours poring over material. To benefit from the work you are doing try the following tips:

  • Work in short blocks of 40-50 minutes
  • Take a 10-minute break after every study block
  • Study by doing. Doing exercises and sample questions helps you retain material and hone your skills more effectively than glossing over material.

Remember: A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

You have completed tests before this but a Level G test is probably going to be your most challenging one yet. While your mind is dealing with those complex questions it is depending on your physical well-being to help it rise to the challenge.

To give it the support it needs, ensure you get:

Doing the Test

You have done the preparation. To capitalize on your work approach the test:

  • Well-rested
  • Clear-headed
  • Confident you can do this

If you want to ace the CAT4 Level G test go here for accurate test preparation resources.

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Written by Elizabeth O Mahony

With 25+ years’ experience as a teacher and state examinations corrector, Elizabeth now writes for the education and careers industry. Her experience preparing students for examinations and running an academy for supplementary education give her invaluable insights into what it takes for job seekers and graduates to succeed in assessments.