Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment

How to Prepare for Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment Systems Test (CASAS)

If you want to know where your aptitudes and skills lie in your maths and reading abilities, especially as they apply to the classroom or workforce, then this test is what you need to take to determine this.

The great news is that there is no pass or fail, but your score determines your eligibility for many programs that can positively affect your life situation!

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Benefits of the CASAS Test

  1. The tests are approved by the United States Department of Education and the Department of Labor.
  2. The tests are used by Federal and State government agencies, businesses and industries, colleges, education, training providers, correctional facilities and technical programs.
  3. The CASAS test is the most widely used competency-based assessment in the U.S. because it is designed to assess relevant real-world basic skills of adult learners.
  4. Test takers are asked questions that cover everyday situations that relate to their lives, goals and employment – so you can answer subjectively, with experience!
  5. Test takers can write the test on paper or online.
  6. The CASAS test scores are valid for one year!

What to Expect From the CASAS Test

The tests are made up of two tests. Within these, there will be a “locator test” to determine your appropriate test level, which makes it fair and accurate.

  • Reading (two types of tests available)

Life and Work Reading (score used for placement and promotion)

Life and Work Listening (score used to inform instruction)

  • Math
  • Government and History for Citizenship

For the Reading and Math tests, the “locator test” is 15 minutes long, and the actual test is approximately one hour long.

For the Math test, there is a calculator available on-screen (if you’re taking the test online), or you are allowed to bring one if you’re writing the paper test.


This is given to ESOL students who want to enroll in English Language courses.

It has two parts:

  • Reading (one hour)
  • Listening (approximately one hour – headphones provided)

Once done, your scores are used at registration to enroll in English classes.

Scoring Requirements

Students wanting to enter the career technical education program must take the test to determine the basic skill level achievement required by the Department of Education.

GED bound students must take the Math and Reading tests to be placed in Adult Education class. Your scores on the assessments will let you know where to begin class instruction.

Retesting Procedure

If you do not have a valid score (it has expired) you will need to retest either the next day.

Students without valid scores need to retest no sooner than the next day and prior to enrollment or by the 100% refund date for the adult education term. These students may retest once on initial placement without being assessed a retesting fee.

  • Continuing students who stop out for a period of four (4) months up to one year may retake the CASAS pretest if it is recommended by a program advisor. No retesting fee will be assessed. If more than one year has passed, a retesting fee will be assessed.
  • New students who did not previously register with test scores of more than one year must retake the CASAS pretest. A retesting fee will be assessed.

Auxiliary Aids and Modifications

Under certain circumstances, arrangements for auxiliary aids and modifications are permissible. The College makes every reasonable effort to ensure equal access to educational opportunities and experiences for candidates with documented disabilities.

These services can include:

  • Sign language interpreters
  • Adaptive or assistive technology
  • Note takers
  • and more

An ACCESS representative can help eligible candidates identify and arrange for accommodations that ensure success.


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