How to Prepare for the Bookkeeping Test – 2024 Practice Test

Are you interested in becoming a bookkeeper? If so, one of the pre-employment tests you have to take is a bookkeeping test. These bookkeeping assessments help tell potential employers if you are the right person for the job and if they should move forward with the hiring process.

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Bookkeeping Test

Each bookkeeping assessment quizzes potential employees on their ability to accurately assess information and their general knowledge related to bookkeeping.

While each test varies in content and specific information, we’re here to give you a general overview to help you ace the test and move forward with your dream job. Keep reading if you want to become a bookkeeper!

What Does a Bookkeeping Test Look Like?

Each accountant bookkeeping test has 40 multiple-choice questions centered around a potential hire’s ability to demonstrate how well versed they are in basic bookkeeping knowledge. This includes all accounting information, processes, and concepts.

Plus, the assessment quizzes potential hires on how well they know how to bookkeep. This test will ask specific questions related to the job of bookkeeping, so make sure to brush up on how to properly bookkeep before taking this test.

Each test has easy questions and those that are more difficult. For example, the first couple of questions on the bookkeeping test might ask basic information related to basic math ended to properly complete the job, while the more advanced later questions might ask longer questions that require more thought and work to get the correct answer.


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Topics on a Bookkeeping Test

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Let’s explore the different topics asked on a bookkeeping assessment to best prepare you for your exam.

General Concepts

This section covers basic accounting and bookkeeping procedures such as documenting and analyzing transactions, classifying different relationships between transactions, how to deal with financial statement presentations, and all basic accounting functions.

This section assesses your basic grasp of what a bookkeeper does and how well you will function as one. So, demonstrate how much you know about the basics before you graduate to the more advanced sections.

Bookkeeping Entries

This section focuses on everything related to transactions. You need to demonstrate that you understand assets, cash accounts, taking inventory, adjusting amounts, and intangibles or non-physical assets that lead to the company’s future success or downfall.

In addition to assets and accounts, this is your chance to demonstrate your familiarity and ability to handle liabilities, expenses, equities, and good transactions, as well as bad transactions professionally.


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Other Bookkeeping Functions

This part focuses on more advanced concepts like bank reconciliation and how to enter bond liability information. You need to know how to handle foreign currency transactions and everything about bonds, FIFO, and LIFO.

Example Questions

Some general example questions include:

What Is Your Experience Working With Assets?

This question shows the potential employer if you know what you’re doing or if you need more experience before you come on to the team as a bookkeeper. Be specific, don’t embellish, and speak honestly about your experience.

How Do You Avoid Errors?

This question tells the employer if you will be a reliable addition to the team or if you struggle to come up with the right answer. Again, don’t lie, and be specific.

How Do You Handle Assets?

Since the test covers such a broad array of information, you will have to answer some specific questions relating to bookkeeping work. Make sure to study before you take the test to ensure you answer everything to the best of your ability.


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What Exactly Is a Bookkeeper?

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A bookkeeper is not someone who keeps track of books at a library. A bookkeeper is someone who works hand in hand with accountants to give clients the most direct, concise, and correct information relating to their assets and accounts.

Bookkeepers have several responsibilities, including conducting mathematical equations with accuracy, completing accounting duties, handling checks, and noting cash amounts and check amounts, as well as vouchers or money orders.

Bookkeepers keep track of all this information through various online software such as Excel, Spreadsheets, and other online programs. When you take the bookkeeping test, someone might ask which program or programs you are the most familiar with and how long you’ve been working with said databases.

Besides just handling income, bookkeepers have to note credit card expenses and debts, as well as debit card expenses, amounts, and accounts. Some bookkeepers handle finance reports, tax expenses, statements, and account totals, but not all bookkeepers. That depends on the client and their needs or specific requests.

To become a bookkeeper, you must have a high-school degree or GED and an understanding of mathematical equations, rules, interpersonal skills, technological understanding, and familiarity with specific software used for accounting purposes.

Also, make sure you pay attention to detail because if you mess up someone’s bank statements or credit card information, they could get into trouble, and so will you.

Bookkeepers are entry-level positions in the field. However, if you wish to graduate to more advanced positions, that is possible. You need to demonstrate your ability to successfully complete tasks in the bookkeeping industry before you move up in the field.

You might also have to complete additional training to become a certified bookkeeper, an auditor, or either kind of an account clerk (payable or receivable).

To become a certified bookkeeper, you need to complete two years of successful bookkeeping and take an exam.


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How to Prepare for the Bookkeeping Test?

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To truly understand the Bookkeeping Test, you should try some practice papers. We recommend heading over to the job prep company Job Test Prep, which has compiled specific study guides and tests for bookkeeping. They include everything you need to become a successful bookkeeper and land a job at your dream company.

Each bookkeeping prep at Job Test Prep includes:

  • Two complete bookkeeping practice tests

Take a simulation test to see what exactly is included in each test and the format used for the exam. These tests help familiarize you with what to expect when the time comes to take the real exam. They also feature questions similar to what is asked on the real exams.

Answer questions about basic math skills, bookkeeping practices, and equations to get a better grip on what will be on the real test. To receive a passing grade on these practice tests, study all bookkeeping information and practice handling assets, accounts, and payments before you sit down to take the practice tests.

  • Two complete general accounting tests

Since bookkeepers work side-by-side with accountants, you need to familiarize yourself with the roles of accountants. Your job duties overlap, and to make sure you get hired as a bookkeeper, you need to demonstrate that you know how to complete all the tasks required of bookkeepers and accountants.

Knowing more makes you look better during the hiring process. Accounting tests focus on banking information, such as how to file taxes, report claims, file statements, and handle transactions.


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  • Explanations and Solving Guides

One of the best parts of Job Test Prep’s study guides is their answer explanations. For each practice test, they offer a comprehensive answer guide that breaks down each question, how to read the question, how to answer the question, and why the correct answer is the correct answer.

If you answer a question incorrectly, it shows you why and how you answered it incorrectly. For each answer given, Job Test Prep took the time to write out a concise but well-thought-out explanation as to why the answer was correct or incorrect.

Even if you answer every question right on the practice test, it is important to see why the other answers are incorrect for future reference. Because when you take the actual test, you might get stuck on some questions and need to use deductive reasoning skills to pick the correct answer.

  • Score Reports

In addition to solving guides and explanations, this study guide gives score reports based on the practice tests. This means if you are weary about your performance on the test, the AI used computes your score based on your performance.

So you get to see your breakdown of answers as well as how many points go to certain questions. This helps you get a better idea of how the tests will be graded and how much you need to practice before enrolling in a real test.

  • Immediate Access

As soon as you sign up for a Job Test Prep study guide, you get access to everything you paid for. Payments are broken down into three categories:

  1. One week of access for $79, which includes everything mentioned above
  2.  One month of access for $89, which includes everything mentioned above
  3. Three months of access for $99, which includes everything mentioned above

All plans include 24/7 chat support if you experience any issues and a money-back guarantee. If you do not like the service you receive, tell the chat line and get your money back.

Wrapping Up

With Job Test Prep’s preparation package, you can become a bookkeeper in no time. Take practice tests based on real questions used in the bookkeeping exams and figure out how to best answer the questions to receive a passing grade. Good luck!


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