The Only To-Do List You Will Ever Need

So many people make an industry out of their to-do list, with different flags and categories and god-knows-what-else!

It’s very easy to fall into this trap in the search for increased productivity and effectiveness, but the danger is that you spend too long curating your to-do list and this eats into the time you could actually be DOING stuff.

The only to-do list framework you ever need is right here:

assessment centre

Top left box = Firefighting (This stuff needs doing first, but you don’t want to work in this box regularly as it’s a recipe for burnout.)

Top right box = This is where we want to spend our time.

Bottom left box = Try to avoid tasks that sit here as they aren’t important. These tasks are often important to OTHERS so use your judgement… You have been warned! 🙂

Bottom right = These tasks are timewasters. Don’t do them.