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Navigating the Best Buy Interview and Assessment Process: Your 2024 Guide

If you have applied to a role at Best Buy, you will likely have to take some assessment tests and do an interview. This can be daunting if you don’t know what to expect, and competition can be fierce.

Best Buy offers attractive roles and careers for people with retail expertise, business experience, or an IT background. Sales, marketing, merchandising, digital engineering and technology, financial services, services installation and repair, and human resources are all areas where jobs are accessible. Besides health benefits, Best Buy provides employees with advantages that help them achieve a better work-life balance.

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So if you are hoping to land a job at Best Buy, preparing for the assessment tests and interview is vital. This article will tell you all you need to know to do this.

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Best Buy Psychometric Tests

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Verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning, SJT customer service assessments, and personality tests are all frequent in retail contexts. Those pursuing work in data engineering and technology may be required to show their coding abilities or awareness of various systems by taking additional skills tests.

Best Buy Verbal Reasoning

A verbal reasoning test will assess your ability to speak in English. You’ll be asked to explain words in and out of context, spot grammatical faults, and respond to questions about different texts. Hiring managers can use these screening tests to examine how thoroughly potential new hires analyze texts.

Verbal reasoning tests consist of four types of questions:

  • Reading comprehension
  • True/false
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

Reading Comprehension

A brief passage will be read to you, followed by many comprehension questions. The questions will need you to recollect specific facts from the passage as well as summarize the main points. You may be asked to evaluate the author’s reasoning or to explain whether the material supports a particular conclusion.


They might be as easy as giving you a word and asking you to define it, or they can be as complicated as asking you to identify a term in a paragraph. In the first scenario, you may rely on your prior knowledge; in the second, you’ll need to rely on context cues to figure out the meaning of the word as it appears in the sentence. You could also be asked to construct analogies or rearrange words in a sentence.


These questions will put your punctuation, capitalization, spelling, and sentence organization skills to the test. You may be given a statement that contains an error and asked to identify the error. Other times, you’ll be asked to choose from four different sentences and pick the one that is appropriately written. Grammar is the foundation of any language, and even technical parts of language require a thorough grasp.

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Best Buy Numerical Reasoning

Numerical reasoning tests for pre-employment are timed multiple-choice assessments that are frequently taken online. If the hiring manager is concerned about cheating, he or she may request that you take the test at a proctored assessment facility. The tests usually last about an hour, and a high school level of math is usually sufficient.

Preparing for a Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Test

Practising as much as possible is the greatest method to prepare for a numerical reasoning test. You’ll have a better picture of what you know and what you need to review by answering practice questions. The more you practise, the more you’ll recognize the types of questions you’ll see on the test.

The best way to improve at numerical reasoning is to take some practice tests. Try this free numerical reasoning test from Job Test Prep.

Take Best Buy Interview Process & Assessments Practice Test Now

Best Buy Customer Service Situational Judgement Test

The Customer Service Situational Judgement Tests are intended to aid in the identification of applicants with great customer service abilities. All of the test questions are based on scenarios that a customer care representative could face on the job. They cover everything from how to deal with an irritated consumer to how to deal with disputes among co-workers.

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Drive to meet customer needs
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving ability
  • Flexibility
  • Teamwork

What to Expect on SJT assessment

Several test vendors offer the Customer Service SJT, which is adapted to the specific demands of the firm that is using it. Because customer service professionals work in a wide range of industries, from retail to technology, the scenarios they face will be diverse. Job applicants might expect a test that is targeted to their specific consumer base.

Preparing for the SJT

Keep in mind that the customer service industry necessitates a high level of emotional intelligence when taking the test. Consider all points of view when reading the questions to assist you to come to a conclusion. Many of the questions will also require you to solve problems that you would encounter on the job. Again, think about everything.

Sample Questions

Example 1: Your new co-worker answers the telephone and there is a displeased customer on the line. As they speak, they are getting more emotional and are raising their voice. Your co-worker is starting to get flustered and does not know what to do. How do you respond?

  1. Take the phone from your co-worker and tell the customer that you understand they’re upset, but they need to calm down or you can’t effectively help them.
  2. Have your co-worker put them on hold and get a manager
  3. Have your co-worker say they are getting someone who can assist them, then take over the call and apologize to the customer for their inconvenience and explain that you want to help them get to the bottom of the issue.

Example 2: At your job in a retail store, the opening customer service associates feel that the closing associates are not doing their jobs properly and are leaving notes for the closing associates with their complainants. The closing associates feel they have an overwhelming amount of work and feel that the opening associates are not doing their share of work and are getting angry and losing the drive to do their jobs. As a department manager, what would the correct course of action be?

  1. Have an employee meeting and explain that you will be keeping track of the work that does not get done and writing up anyone that was on the schedule for that day.
  2. Have an employee meeting and have associates from both shifts explain the issue. Have a sign off sheet for each shift detailing the duties they are expected to have done by the end of their shift.
  3. Assign yourself to a day on each shift and observe what is happening so you can decide what to do.


Explanation for Example 1:

  1. Is most likely. It takes Your co-worker out of the situation and shows the customer you want to help them and take their problem seriously.
  2. Is least likely. It will only make the customer angrier and will most likely result in a complaint.
  3. Is not a bad choice but sitting on hold will not help calm the customer down.

Explanation for Example 2:

  1. Is most likely. You will get to hear from both shifts what they perceive to be the problem, and you are setting up a way to hold them accountable.
  2. Is the least likely. Problems are not directly being addressed, and punitive measures will affect employee morale.
  3. This option seems good in theory, but with management present, employees will be on their best behaviour.

Best Buy Personality Test

Large corporations such as Intel, Microsoft, Google, and others have begun to use personality testing as part of their employment process. These recruiting supervisors can swiftly and successfully sort through a list of prospects using pre-employment personality tests. They can look at the test results to discover who is most likely to share the company’s values and fit in with the culture.

Although an employment personality test cannot replace a traditional interview, it can assist in weeding out many unfit or inappropriate candidates. After all, if his test scores are below average, he will most likely be unable to complete the tasks allotted to him throughout the day.

Preparing for a Personality Test

Because personality is intrinsic, most optimistic applicants believe there is no need to prepare for a personality test. After all, how can you change the outcomes if you can’t change your nature, at least not fundamentally?

You’ll need to know how to cooperate, communicate, and coordinate with others whether you’re working at a customer service desk or leading a team of employees. You’ll have to work with a group of people regardless of your position inside a corporation.

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Take Best Buy Interview Process & Assessments Practice Test Now

Scoring a High Best Buy Psychometric Test Score

A high psychometric test score has the potential to transform your career in the following:

  • Successful Job Interview: Since high scores give you the best chance of getting hired, your chances of getting hired will rise dramatically
  • Potential for Higher Salary: In general, employers pay higher salaries for candidates who perform well on psychometric tests
  • Future Promotional Opportunities: Psychometric test results will be stored in your personal portfolio. A company will consider your test scores when evaluating your capacity for taking on more responsibility once an opportunity for promotion arises.

The best way to prepare and score highly is to use test preparation materials for the psychometric tests. There are free tests at Job Test Prep to get an idea of what you will face, as well as paid options for extremely thorough practice tests, answers and study guides.

Interview Process

Those looking for sales positions in the stores and those working in the corporate office will have separate interview processes at Best Buy.

In-person interviews are held for sales staff. In most cases, you will have two in-person interviews: one with the sales manager and the other with the department manager with whom you will be working. You can be asked to role-play aiding a customer during these interviews to show off your customer service abilities.

The first step in a corporate interview is a phone screening to go over your CV and professional background. The interview will be followed by a face-to-face interview with one or more managers or directors. This interview will include both business-related and behavioural inquiries. These interviews will only take an hour or two because the Best Buy interview procedure is simple.

Take Best Buy Interview Process & Assessments Practice Test Now

About Best Buy

Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler created the Best Buy company in 1966. Originally known as Sound of Music and concentrated on audio equipment. When the company’s focus switched to electronics in 1989, they renamed it Best Buy and began operating under that name. Currently, the company is active in Canada, Mexico, and the United States.


Congratulations on your new job venture. So based on all we’ve learned, before applying to Best Buy, it’s best to practise for the assessment. This can help you leverage yourself during the hiring process. Remember these helpful tips to make sure you pass.

  1. Practise realistic online tests: Click here for more information.
  2. Identify and work on your weakest areas: As you practise, you’ll be able to distinguish and overcome your struggles.
  3. Get performance feedback.
  4. Broaden your knowledge and vocabulary: Spend time familiarising yourself with the skills of reading and understanding information that isn’t in your normal sphere.
  5. Find out the tests the employer is likely to use.
  6. Ascertain what the employer is looking for: Ensure you’re confident as to what attributes the employer is seeking in their perfect candidate.
  7. Check on timings: most tests are timed
  8. Don’t rush reading the questions.

Best of luck!

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