Landing a Job at B&Q: Assessment & Interview Success Guide

Do you want to join the 15,000 employees at DIY retail giant B&Q? If so, you will have to take the B&Q assessment test.

Joining their team means working in a fast-paced environment, where the company values and ways of handling business come first. But before landing your dream job with B&Q in any of their numerous sectors or job positions, the company wants to check that you are a good fit.

Take the B&Q Assessment Practice Test to improve your score.

Their assessment test can be tricky and competition is fierce. But with the right preparation, there’s no reason that job can’t soon be yours.

Read on, this article will give you all the information you need about the B&Q Assessment Test and the skills they measure and value. We will also give you some practical tips on bettering your chances for employment with them by using the help of Job Prep Test.

Take B&Q Assessment Practice Test Now

B&Q Application Process

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Online application

The first step is to show your interest by applying online with your CV. Remember that you need to adjust your CV and adapt it to what B&Q is looking for in their employees. It’s great if you’re an assertive person, but if you want to work with people in retail, you also need to be able to help the customer, no matter how uninformed or unreasonable they might sound at times.

On the other hand, if you’re applying for a job in the accounting sector, it’s very important to underline your experience and skills in handling accounting, working with accounting software, and your ability to work fast and efficiently.

Online testing

The next step of the process is online testing. They assess your skills and capabilities for numerous things. We will dedicate more time to that in the next section. This is the so-called “B&Q assessment test” designed to measure your verbal and numerical reasoning.

Telephone interview

If you do pass the first two steps, it’s time for the telephone interview. We can all do a good CV and say tons of things about ourselves. We could also all get super ready and pass the online testing process.

But, when it comes to person-to-person communication, this is where things get real. The telephone interview will concentrate on your motivation, your willingness to adapt, your understanding of the workflow and companys’ values, etc.

This is also the time to express your politeness, way with words, past related experience, willingness to cooperate, and all kinds of positive personal characteristics.

Assessment centre

The assessment centre is the last stop before a hire. After the phone interview is done, it’s time to show all these skills that you previously only said you possess. This assessment includes three stages: one where you interact with your coworkers and team; one where you interact with real customers; and one where you role play and sell a product to your assessors.

Take B&Q Assessment Practice Test Now

What is the B&Q assessment test?

The B&Q assessment test is an online test that all employee candidates take as part of the B&Q application process. It’s the third, and for some people, the hardest part of the application process. You need to pass a series of tests that measure your verbal and numerical reasoning capabilities.

What is on the B&Q Assessment Test?

The B&Q assessment test is slipt into two major tests. One of them is designed to measure your Vocal reasoning, while the other measures how well is your numerical reasoning.

Vocal Reasoning Test

The Vocal Reasoning Test is designed to measure your skills and reading and understanding. The test will assess your skills in understanding, processing, and interpreting information.

They will also keep track of the time it takes for you to answer a question, so practice is key if you don’t want to become anxious during the test itself.

First, there will be a paragraph you need to read, and then, you will answer questions connected to that paragraph.

Each question will be measured separately, keeping the pressure on to perform consistently. Also, each question will have multiple choice answers, so you need to be fast and efficient.

Numerical Reasoning Test

The Numerical Reasoning Test will display graphs, charts, pies, and all kinds of graphics from which you will draw information to answer the multiple-choice answers.

The time is measured on each question, giving you a limit of 90 seconds for the first question of a section, and 75 seconds for each of the remaining questions of a section.

Take B&Q Assessment Practice Test Now

How do I pass the B&Q assessment?

The best way to ensure that you do pass your assessment test is to practice.
It’s impossible to find the actual questions from the test, but you can understand their structure.

If you know the way questions are structured, and if you understand what the right way of answering is, the chances are, you will be much faster at solving all the questions.

This is highly needed since most of the test assessment doesn’t only measure how well you answer your questions, but also how fast.

Job Test Prep is a leading test-exercising platform. They have a rich library of study materials, tips and tutorials, for all kinds of professions and assessments. The B&Q assessment test is just one of the numerous assessment tests they have. With their expertise and continuous update of their library and practicing materials, you are guaranteed to get ready (and pass) your B&Q assessment test.

What are B&Q values?

Knowing the B&Q values and work ethics, you better your chances of “wowing” your assessors on your interview or at the assessment centre.

With that said, let us get you started on that.

The B&Q company values are:

  • Togetherness
  • Curiosity
  • Simplicity
  • Humility
  • Excellence
  • Their motto is “ Let’s do it together”
  • They put customer service first
  • They value teamwork and positive, open-minded people with a cheerful attitude

How can I pass my B&Q interview?

Here are some tips to help you leave a good impression on the interview and improve your chances of getting selected:

  • Be respectful
  • Be polite
  • Listen carefully
  • Answer truthfully
  • Stick to the point
  • Don’t rumble on
  • Talk about relatable experience
  • Talk about your personal qualities, but don’t brag on and on
  • Be a teammate at the assessment centre
  • Show that you can be independent enough to solve problems on your own
  • But, show that you are a team player and that the company’s vision is your vision too

Take B&Q Assessment Practice Test Now

Why should I get the help of Job Test Prep?

If you want to pass the B&Q Assessment Test, as well as the other parts of the Application Process, you will need the help of an expert. And Job Test Prep is the expert you need.

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What kind of exercise materials will I get from Job Prep Test?

  • 5 full-length Talent-Q Aspects Numerical Tests
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  • 24 study guides and video tutorials

Do you wonder what Talent-Q means? Well, it’s the same company that does the assessment process for B&Q, of course. Simply put – Job Prep Test will give you sample tests in the same style and format as the company that makes the B&Q tests.

About B&Q

B&Q is most definitely one of the biggest and most successful retail companies out there. They have one of the biggest pools of DIY and home improvement products, from screws and tile adhesive to kitchen cabinets and greenhouses.

With a net income of around 200 million pounds, they currently have more than 15.000 employees and they never stop broadening their employee circle.

Take B&Q Assessment Practice Test Now


If you want to get yourself your dream job at B&Q, you need to pass their application process. The process contains four parts — online CV application, B&Q Assessment tests, phone interview, and finally person to person assessment in their Assessment centres.

All of these steps are needed to get yourself into their growing team of employees.

Job Prep Test is an online agency that has all the practice materials you need. Plus, they will give you some practical study guides and video tutorials. Their tests have the same structure and format as the tests from the assessment company that does the tests for B&Q. That means you can be sure that you will practice the right types of materials.

So, don’t wait any longer and get your B&Q Assessment test questions.

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