Amazon Work Style Assessment: A Complete Preparation Guide

by Sarah Duncan

The Amazon Work Style assessment is a critical component of joining Amazon’s team; it’s a unique kind of personality test.

Nailing this pre-employment test takes:

  • Being informed about what Amazon is looking for
  • Being well-prepared for the kinds of questions in the test
  • All-round dedication.
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Amazon jobs are competitive and potential candidates are pitted against each other through their Amazon Work Style Assessment results.

I’ve prepared this article with information and tools that should help you come out on top of all the potential candidates.

I’ll cover:

  • What the Amazon Work Style Assessment is
  • The assessment process
  • Types of questions and format
  • Preparation tips and strategies
  • Common pitfalls to avoid
  • After the assessment: what next?
  • Final thoughts.

Let’s get into it!

What is Amazon Work Style Assessment?

Amazon’s distinctive personality test isn’t for the faint of heart for a number of reasons.

The 15-minute long attribute test is designed to specifically select candidates who suit Amazon’s working culture and will present you with a number of binary choice questions.

It requires careful preparation, and unlike many personality testing tools, there are ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ answers to select if you want to land the job.

There are 16 leadership principles that Amazon presses to potential employees and continues to emphasize to successful applicants.

I’ve bullet-pointed these below, with a short descriptor as stated on Amazon’s jobs page. To read more, head to Amazon’s Jobs page.

If you understand the following principles, then you should try and apply them to the questions posed in the test at all costs.

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The Assessment Process

Your Amazon personality assessment will fall within the whole window of your application process. It’s important to understand the whole hiring process when applying for a job with Amazon:

  1. Salary positions begin with an online application that you can fill out on the Amazon Jobs page here
  2. Create an Amazon account with general information, education level, identification, and resume
  3. Take the Amazon Workstyle assessment (online). You will be sent this test if your previous information is sufficient and you are deemed to be a suitable candidate
  4. If you pass the Amazon Workstyle assessment, you may be selected for an interview or follow-up from a recruiter
  5. Other interviews such as video interviews may continue, generally ending with an on-site interview at the Amazon Offices in the case of in-person employees.

Types of Questions and Format

1. No middle ground

Typical personality assessments offer you a scale of options to choose from, from “Very like me” to “Like me” to “Neither like me nor unlike me” to “Unlike me” to “Very unlike me” (or a similar range with the same format).

In the Amazon Workstyle Assessment, there is no middle option – so you need to make a choice.

2. Two options

Rather than making a value judgment about one statement or characteristic, this test offers two statements to decide from. See an example below:

I enjoy working solo, it’s faster that way. I enjoy complimenting members of my team.
Most like me More like me
More like me Most Like Me

3. Right answer

These styles of questions aren’t about getting to know candidates. Instead, they streamline the process of selecting candidates that already suit Amazon’s 16 leadership principles.

The right answer is generally the one that demonstrates one or more of the 16 leadership principles.

Let’s look at how this would apply to the question above. It seems like the left option, “I enjoy working solo, it’s faster that way”, demonstrates the principle “Bias for Action” (“Speed matters in business…”).

While the option on the right seems like a kinder trait to display, it doesn’t necessarily follow Amazon’s 16 principles.

It may adhere to the principle “Earn Trust”, but not explicitly. The left option is more likely to be correct for this reason.

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Preparation Tips and Strategies

The 16 Principles

Above all else, study these 16 principles.

I would even suggest memorizing them if you are serious about working at Amazon. In preparation for your test, a great way to practice is by writing your own personality test questions based on the 16 principles.

This can help you get inside the head of the recruiter, and find out what they might ask.

Prepare from professional examples

You can’t skip using professional practice questions in preparation. I’d highly recommend a provider like JobTestPrep, which has tailored simulations and feedback reports for improvement.

This feedback is indispensable in understanding why you got something incorrect if you did, and how to think more strategically with your answers for the real thing.

Common Pitfalls to Avoid

Develop Self-awareness

As much as you could be tempted to ignore your own actual personality when taking this test, you need to answer genuinely if you want to be considered for the job.

Try practicing self-awareness about how you actually behave in the workplace. Of course, there is always room to shift your mindset towards understanding Amazon’s personality requirements.

Recruiters will be able to tell if you are consistently lying in the test as certain questions will change only minor details, so your answers to each of them should (if you consider the question and answer honestly) be consistent.

Answering from a personal life perspective

Remember that this test is about how you behave at work, not at home/ off the clock.

Try to consider your previous employment experiences; after all, Amazon’s 16 leadership principles apply to a working environment and not a home environment.

After the Assessment: What Next?

Your follow-up after the test may take up to 14 days to arrive, depending on the position you applied for and how many other candidates expressed interest.

Expect more interviews if you are successful. The 16 leadership traits will keep cropping up throughout the hiring process, so obtaining professional practice on these principles is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Key strategies for successfully navigating the Amazon Work Style Assessment include knowing Amazon’s 16 principles of leaders, practicing test questions, and balancing honesty with strategy.

If you are meant to work at Amazon, the balance of strategy and honesty will come naturally because you will already feel aligned with their 16 unique principles of leaders.

Enhancing your chances of success in the Amazon Workstyle Test through practice is an indispensable step in obtaining a prestigious position at the famous web shopping giant.

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