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How to Prepare for Amazon Financial Analyst Employment Process?

Amazon, one of the largest retail companies in the United States and worldwide, is a prestigious company to work for. One highly competitive job position is Financial Analyst. With numerous benefits and career acceleration options, financial analysts must put a lot of effort into successfully passing the Amazon employment process.

This article will look all you need to know about the process of applying and becoming an Amazon Financial Analyst.

Discover everything from the benefits they enjoy, and the employment process, to in-depth info about the assessments and the interviews they will take. Ultimately, we will recommend the best practice materials that financial analysts can utilize to prepare and ace Amazon’s hiring process.

Amazon Employment Process For Financial Analyst

The first thing you’ll notice while applying for an employment position at Amazon is that your resume is rarely required. Things to anticipate from the point you choose “Apply” until the first day at the workplace are covered in this review, so keep reading.

Online Application

Providing your personal details (ID and work authorization documents) and choosing your desired working schedule are the only steps in applying for Amazon employment online. It typically takes about fifteen minutes to finish the initial application process.

Assessment Tests

Amazon utilizes web-based tests to learn more about you. These tests are developed to examine the main qualities needed for succeeding in your selected employment position.

Assessments additionally help to evaluate candidates regularly and fairly since every person receives the same training and understanding to pass the test.

Based on the particular job, they may require you to complete an assessment as part of your entry procedure or deliver it to you shortly after you’ve submitted your application.

Depending on the position you apply for, there may be one or more tests that must be taken within a specific time frame. In this case you will take the Amazon Financial Analyst online assessments, which we will dig into next.

Job assessments and job simulations are the two most frequent assessment styles Amazon uses to prepare potential employees.

Phone Interview

The phone interview session will have some questions about your work experience, your theoretical background, and behavioral traits.

The behavioral-based questions focus on scenarios and difficulties you’ve encountered in the past and how you addressed them. Amazon Leadership concepts lay at the base of these questions.

Expertise and theoretical professional knowledge are not tested throughout the interview session. The testing crew at Amazon examined such testing methods but soon discovered that these sorts of inquiries don’t accurately indicate a candidate’s progress at Amazon.

Amazon is a data-driven company. Your attention and focus must stay on the subject when responding to questions. Make sure your responses are coherent, and if necessary, add measurements and facts to illustrate your views on the particular topic.

Try incorporating different experiences and recent events as analogies during your phone interview at Amazon.

In-person Interview

After finishing your online job application, you will attend a 20-minute in-person Business Hours interview. Take identification and work authorization documentation with you to the interview. Since attending during work hours is a requirement for applying, you are not compensated for going through this phase.

What Are The Amazon Financial Analyst Online Assessments?

Positive woman working on laptop and writing in notebook

As we previously mentioned, Amazon Financial Analysts take specialized online assessments that aim to measure their compatibility with Amazon’s work culture.

For Amazon Financial Analysts, that includes:

  • A Work Style assessment
  • A Work simulation

In addition, some of these assessments specialize in measuring knowledge, experience, and proficiency in certain job-specific abilities. In the case of Financial Analysts, that is the Excel exam.

Amazon Work Style Assessment

The Amazon Work Style Assessment is a 15-minute character check that evaluates your task choices, traits, and behavioral patterns to determine if you’d fit in with Amazon’s cultural context.

You must choose the option that optimally reflects your choices and aspirations as they influence how you handle your everyday job tasks from among two options for every question.

Every applicant at Amazon should be aware of and frame their judgment on these fundamentals because the evaluation at the end is solely based on Amazon’s Leadership Principles.

Most applicants will be required to take the Amazon Work Style Assessment, a unique personality test, in an attempt to be approved by Amazon. You will discover precisely how everything works behind the scenes and how you can pass one such check at the current checking stage.

If you want to thoroughly understand work style assessments and get appropriate practice for them, you can do so with the help of Job Test Prep’s Amazon Work Style Assessment practice.

Amazon Work Simulation

The Amazon Work Simulation is an assignment that measures your critical thinking, decision-making, sound judgment, and ability to act adequately in possible work situations. It will present a series of e-mails, messages, and videos that portray a problem. It will be your job to choose the most appropriate answer to this problem.

The questions and answers on this assignment will be heavily connected to the 16 Amazon Leadership Principles. So, you have to have them in mind every time you are about to answer a question.

Naturally, faking the answers and giving the desired one is not the best technique because your insincerity will quickly be noticed if you do get the job.

So, the best way to go around with the principles is to fully incorporate them into your mindset and use them throughout different work-related situations during your office hours.

If you want to know more about the Amazon Work Simulation and prepare for this assessment, you can use the help of Job Test Prep and their Amazon Hiring Simulation.

Amazon Financial Analyst Excel Exam

Microsoft Excel

The Amazon Excel test is a 30-minute online assignment that assesses your practical Excel understanding. You’ll get an Excel document with raw information and a list of assigned tasks.

Creating graphs and tables, complex calculations, Vlookups, ratios, and comparisons are some of the activities you need to perform. Typically, a comprehensive graph will have to be prepared.

Amazon’s Excel test is typically administered either in advance of or throughout the phone or virtual interview. For the position of Amazon Financial Analyst, the Excel exam is crucial, and you won’t move forward in the selection process if you fail this test.

Amazon Financial Analyst Interviews

Amazon’s recruitment and selection procedure for financial analysts is drawn out and consists of multiple sessions. The interview steps may vary based on the standard of the position you want to apply for, but we’ll concentrate on the most common ones in this informational review.

Amazon Phone Interview

The 30-to-1-hour-long Amazon phone interview consists primarily of cognitive and behavioral questions and inquiries concerning your employment history and general capabilities.

The behavioral component is the toughest part, so to successfully complete it, you must use the STAR Technique when responding to the questionnaires.

To learn more about the phone interview with Amazon, head over to the Job Test Prep Amazon Phone Interview article.

In-person or Virtual Interview

The Amazon financial analyst interviews consist of four to six consecutive meetings with different recruiting administrators. In one of those interviews, you will talk with the famous Amazon Bar Raisers.

Recruiters are Amazon employees who serve as third-party interviewers but are not a part of the company’s official coaching staff. Their role is mainly to critique applicants’ responses and pose challenging questions to them.

Without getting acquainted with Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles and acquiring knowledge on how to incorporate them into your replies, you will not be able to succeed in such in-person meetings.

To ace such interview sessions, it might be ideal to become an expert in these concepts beforehand. As you prepare for the job simulation and Work Style Assessment, you must be familiar with the concepts.

So, you can merely brush up on your knowledge and prepare your responses before attending your real in-person interview. To do so, you can use the help of the Job Test Prep Amazon Virtual Interview article and guide.

How Many Rounds Is An Amazon Business Analyst Interview?

The Amazon hiring process for Business Analysts consists of three to four interviews, depending on the location, the job position, and how satisfied the recruiters are with your answers.

The interviews usually have different focal points and different recruiters, mainly from HR, a technical specialist, and an aptitude test specialist.

How Do I Prepare For a Financial Analyst Job?

The Amazon Excel exam, difficult research papers, and the tricky Amazon Bar Raiser meetings are just a few obstacles to becoming a financial analyst.

The best way to prepare for the Financial Analyst job position at Amazon is to use online practice materials.

Amazon administers a variety of assessments and individualized questions’ complexity to candidates for different job positions. To go around this problem, Job Test Prep has many different Amazon-related practice materials, all adapted to particular job positions.

Furthermore, they have numerous explanatory articles, study guides, and sample questions that can help you understand what Amazon values in potential employees.

Aside from just assessments, at Job Test Prep, you can also get help preparing for the numerous interviews you will have with Amazon interviewers and proctors during the hiring process.

How Do I Pass The Amazon Financial Analyst Interview?

If you carefully obey these instructions, you may very well succeed in the Amazon Financial Analyst interview:

  • Register for the Amazon Financial Analyst Practice pack offered by Job Test Prep
  • Get hands-on experience through guided projects and exercises
  • Learn the STAR Method and the 16 Amazon Leadership Principles
  • Incorporate the profile of the desired Amazon employee
  • Don’t fake your answers on the assessments or the interviews since the proctors are experienced in detecting dishonesty
  • Gain a proper familiarity with Python, Excel, and SQL, which are very important for these businesses
  • Do a broad outline and structure for all the possible questions you might get from the interviewer
  • Make sure that your non-verbal communication is on point too
  • Stay on point, and don’t stray away from what the interviewer has asked you
  • Practice thoroughly, and don’t leave anything to chance
  • During interviews, ask questions and show initiative
  • Wear professional attire on all of the interviews

Practicing every step of the hiring process is the best way to ensure you wow interviewers and Amazon HR staff. It might be time-consuming and require substantial effort, but landing a job at Amazon is well worth it.

How To Prepare For Amazon Financial Analyst Test?

Financial Analyst

Job Test Prep experts established an aim to thoroughly review the pre-hire most frequently used assessments and do unique, highly compatible, and applicable practice tests to assist individuals in the job-seeking area.

Due to the considerable interest (and competition) in Amazon employment, Job Test Prep offers numerous preparation guides and practice bundles you can choose from, depending on the job position and the parts of the employment process you want to concentrate on.

The full Amazon Financial Analyst Assessment practice pack is exclusive to Job Test Prep and their Amazon employment process experts. Their pack will give you access to

  • Complete Work Style Assessment personality practice test

The study guide contains a comprehensive Work Style Assessment training simulation with questions drawn from the actual test. Each question is accompanied by comprehensive justifications of the leading principles of leadership and suggested responses.

  • 10 practice modules for Work Simulations

There are 10 job simulation training modules during the Amazon Work Simulation assessment. Each exercise module mimics a section of the actual test and contains comparable information and questions. You will be given answers to each question and thorough explanations that concentrate on the leadership principles.

  • Excel test practice

The preparation kit includes a thorough Excel preparation course that will tutor you on things from the fundamentals to more complex algorithms and operations in Excel.

  • A guide with thorough answers and explanations

With each test, you will also get numerous comprehensive answers and explanations for the questions. This will include the STAR method and Amazon’s 16 Leadership Principles that help you structure your answers in a way that Amazon and their hiring teams value.

About Amazon

One of the biggest web stores in the world and a well-known cloud service business is Amazon. Amazon began as an online book retailer but has since evolved into a web-based corporation primarily specializing in e-commerce, cloud technology, video broadcasting, and ai-powered solutions.

With the company’s “seller-to-buyer” advertisement model, customers can purchase various products, like apparel, cosmetics, pleasing meals, books, music, equipment, pet items, decor, games, gardening materials, and housewares.

With countless candidate pools to select from, Amazon HR and professional recruiters utilize one-of-a-kind specialized tests, structured interviews, and work simulations to pinpoint the most appropriate candidates for the hundreds of available job positions.

What Does An Analyst Do At Amazon?

Analysis of information and trends connected to Amazon’s business practices is the responsibility of Amazon’s business analysts.

They use the data to locate areas where they can progress, create plans to take advantage of the potential, and monitor the progress of various initiatives over time. Amazon Business Analysts might work on many different tasks at any particular time.

Such projects could concentrate on numerous aspects of the business, such as strengthening customer service or promoting products in one department while continuing to operate on another project that aims to improve stock control administration systems throughout all divisions.

Employment Benefits For Amazon Financial Analysts

Employment Benefits at Amazon


The location usually affects which benefits Amazon offers. The number of routinely scheduled hours that you operate, how long you’ve been employed, and whether your position is seasonal or transitory.

Health Insurance Advantage

With healthcare policy possibilities, you have the freedom to choose the ideal health insurance for you and any family members who qualify. For excellent healthcare in one’s location, pick from various schemes, such as a Health Savings Account and various internet healthcare services.

You can also sign up for Flexible Spending Accounts for well-being and childcare, as well as oral health and optical arrangements.

Financial Stability

You can postpone payment for long-term savings under Amazon’s 401k policy, which also offers a service provider match. The policy provides several investment possibilities to assist you in achieving your financial objectives.

Amazon, as an employer, provides coverage for basic life health coverage and unforeseen fatality or decapitation. The alternative is to sign up for more comprehensive protection for you and your dependent family members.

Amazon also provides its staff with a short-term and long-term incapacity policy that is compensated for by the company.

Parental Break at Any Time

Before, during, and after a baby is born or adopted, Amazon provides a variety of completely paid prenatal care and parental absence possibilities for parents. It involves the special “Leave Share” offer provided by the sector and the adaptable “Ramp Back” return-to-work plan.

To be eligible for parental offerings, you must have worked steadily for at least a year before the baby’s birth or the child’s adoption.

Off-time When Feeling Burned Out From Work

Employees need routine downtime from work to refuel and refresh. Along with paid holiday breaks, workers also enjoy fully compensated time off.

Employee Discounts on Various Amazon Products

A yearly discount on goods marketed and delivered by is provided to employees providing various discounts for products they need.

Once we have explained what Financial Analysts do at Amazon and the benefits they enjoy as part of the multi-million corporation, we can move on to the assessments you will take as part of their employment process.


Amazon is a highly successful, multi-billion corporation that ensures its customers are happy and its staff is competent. So, landing a job as a Financial Analyst at Amazon won’t be a walk in the park.

But, with the expertise of Job Test Prep and their exclusive Amazon tests practice materials, you can practice each step of the Amazon hiring process and make sure you leave nothing to chance.

We hope that with this article about Amazon Financial Analysts, we have given you all the info you need about the nature of the job position and the benefits.

We also hope that we familiarized you with the hiring process, the tests, and the interviews you’re supposed to successfully finish if you want to work as an Amazon Financial Analyst.

Ultimately, we also directed you to Job Test Prep, the best and most extensive online library for Amazon test practice materials.

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