Amazon Apprenticeship

Everything You Need to Know About Amazon Apprenticeship

Amazon is a multimillion-dollar company with a strong sense of getting back to the community. One opportunity that is highly valued by young individuals is the Amazon Apprenticeship program.

Landing this opportunity is not a walk in the park since Amazon’s apprenticeships are one of the most sought-after programs.

Thousands of candidates battle to get accepted yearly, so the recruitment process in 2022 is challenging.

After reading this article, you’ll know what to expect from Amazon Apprenticeship programs and their screening process. Plus, you’ll get accurate practice material recommendations to help you pass the online tests you must take during the application.

About Amazon And Their Apprenticeship Opportunities

Amazon is one of the biggest retail companies in the United States and the world. They proudly preach and practice diversity at the heart of everything they do.

So, they welcome applications from everyone, regardless of gender, race, age, background, physicality, or sexual orientation. You need commitment, drive, and passion for seizing Amazon’s opportunities.

Whatever your background, qualifications, or career aspirations, they have a place for you with them. If you have a passion for learning and a jack-of-all-trades talent, then you can be the next person to help Amazon deliver the best customer experience.

In return, Amazon also delivers and innovates for you, enabling you to grow within their company.

One of those growth opportunities is the Amazon Apprenticeship program, a specialized and structured learning program. The Amazon Apprenticeship allows you to study and obtain an academic degree or certain qualification while having professional experience and practice.

Furthermore, their apprenticeship programs are entirely funded and work as both a training facility and a hands-on experience. And all that happens while you hold an employment status with them and can also work full or part-time.

What Levels Of Apprenticeship Are Available With Amazon?

The Amazon Apprenticeship program has numerous job positions in different sectors, and the apprenticeship training will result in you gaining a certification/degree of a specific educational level.

  • Level 2 – Intermediate with an equivalent of GCSE
  • Level 3 – Advanced with an equivalent of A-level
  • Levels 4 and 5 – Higher with an equivalent to a Foundation degree or higher
  • Levels 6 and 7 – Degree with an equivalent to Bachelor’s degree or higher

Amazon Sectors Open For Apprenticeship

Amazon Sectors

The following sections of our article cover the Amazon Apprenticeship Sectors, their job responsibilities, and the apprentice learning segments.

Furthermore, each section will connect you to Job Test Prep and their exclusive, top-notch practice materials available for the position in question.

Even though most of their practice materials are job-position oriented, the same testing questions can be used as practice materials for apprenticeship tests since, in its base, you apply for a job too when applying for an apprenticeship.

Business And Administration

Business administrators have a highly transferable set of knowledge, skills, and behaviors that can be applied to all teams. The role may involve working independently or as part of a team and developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving administrative services.

Business administrators develop essential skills and behaviors to support their own progression towards management responsibilities.

The role’s responsibilities are to support and engage with different parts of the organization and interact with internal or external customers.

With a focus on adding value, the role of the business administrator contributes to the efficiency of an organization by supporting functional areas, working across teams, and resolving issues as requested.

To do their job efficiently, business administrators must demonstrate strong communication skills (both written and verbal) and have a proactive approach to developing skills.

The business administrator is also expected to show initiative, manage priorities and time, problem-solve, make decisions, and have the potential for people management responsibilities through mentoring or coaching others.

As part of the Business and Administration sector of Amazon, apprentices can get degrees in Charted Management, Human Resources, Project Management, Administration, Corporate Sustainability, Recruitment, or Finance.

If you want to improve your abilities with the help of Job Test Prep, they currently offer their preparation materials for the following Business and Administration job positions:

Creative And Design

Amazon Creative And Design

A Creative Designer apprentice will help provide compelling digitally enabled design solutions as their teams require. They will help implement design concepts to develop and communicate design solutions utilizing digital design technologies.

In their daily work, creative designers will collaborate with various teams in the creative sector. They work with many stakeholders and often alongside copywriters, account managers, developers, researchers, user experience professionals, and other specialists.

These groups ensure that designs convey the brand through multiple creative digital assets that bring the client’s message through digital media.

There is an interdisciplinary focus on using a broad range of creative digital techniques to create innovative digital design work for various media channels.

An employee in this occupation will be responsible for the design team and will work with their teams to ensure they produce a digital-enabled design that responds to the brief developed.

All Creative Design professionals will work with the time and budget restrictions, so it’s crucial for them to be both creative and logical.

The Creative and Design sector looks for apprentices that can take on degrees in Creative Design, Merchandising, or Content Production.

Digital Sector

IT Support Apprentices work with cutting-edge technology to keep Amazon business running smoothly by resolving hardware, software, server, and infrastructure issues for their operations network.

Apprentices support information technology assets, executing various technical standard operating procedures on hardware, operating systems, or enterprise application software, typically in a single location or site.

In addition to growing their technical knowledge and skills, apprentices will have the opportunity to develop vital and complementary soft skills required within a business environment.

Things like honest and open communication, teamwork, presentation skills, educated consulting advice, and management of professional relationships all come in handy.

Apprentices will get a training program with numerous resources, online classes, in-person training, and structured modules related to specific topics. Furthermore, they will be able to discover, practice, and apply learned activities in real-life on-the-job situations.

Each individual develops a portfolio of evidence to demonstrate their competence and will undertake a work-based project where they further apply their knowledge from the modules studied.

Learners are supported throughout the apprenticeship by their training provider, learning consultant, the Amazon apprenticeship team, and their line mentors from the IT function.

As part of the Amazon Digital Apprenticeship, you can learn to gain a degree in Data Analysis, Solutions, IT support, IT engineering, Software Development, or DevOps Engineering.

At TestPrepOnline, you can currently find practice packs for the following IT sectors and particular job positions:

Engineering And Manufacturing

Amazon Engineering And Manufacturing

Engineers are creative, proactive, and determined experts in their field. They have the opportunity to work with the latest and greatest technologies and are expected to develop and invent ways to improve current processes continuously.

The culture is very fast-paced and fast-moving, and engineers at Amazon get a lot of work done in a short amount of time.

Amazon’s innovative Engineering departments design, implement and maintain fulfillment centers.

The job requirements include planning for capacity and demand, coming up with equipment design and functionality, managing projects in fulfillment centers, engineering the packaging process, and managing construction and step-by-step engineering processes.

As one of the world’s largest retail companies, Amazon has an unrivaled range of equipment, technologies, and facilities, so there are a wide variety of projects you can work on during the program. They can include mechanics, electricity, electronics, fluid power components, and complex systems.

Aside from the high professional competency required from Amazon engineers, they also need to show soft skills like time management, organization, teamwork, problem-solving abilities, open communication, presentation skills, task prioritization abilities, educated data analysis, and the like.

You can apply to become an Engineering and Manufacturing Apprentice to gain a degree in Advanced Mechatronics or Automation Engineering.

With the help of Job Test Prep and their preparation bundles, you can practice your skills in:

Protective Services

The Health, Safety, and Environment Technician Apprenticeship equips learners with the competencies they need to operate successfully and safely in their role.

You’ll get the opportunity to develop the safety-related skills and knowledge to fully contribute to an H&S team and gain a solid foundation for career progression.

The role involves driving strategy to build an engaging, safe environment and identifying, coordinating, and driving improvements in safety while engaging operational and other support function stakeholders.

You’ll study a broad range of safety-related topics, which you can practically apply and gain exposure to in your day-to-day role. You’ll assist the management in ensuring that all safety protocols, precautions, and requirements are implemented so Amazon employees are safe and protected.

Apprentices explore how to assist in developing, reviewing, and implementing safe work systems, investigating incidents, analyzing data, and presenting findings to the management team.

You’ll develop skills and behaviors that will support in influencing others, see the benefit of working responsibly, understand the legal framework and show how safety, health, and environmental management can enhance operational activities.

As a Protective Service Amazon Apprentice, you can gain your knowledge in Health, Safety, and Environment Technician or as a Safety Specialist.

Sales And Marketing

Marketing is vital to all businesses and allows businesses to grow, develop and improve their services and products to fit the customers’ needs.

The marketing process of researching, developing, promoting, and distributing products or services through effective channels to engage with a range of target audiences is one of Amazon’s most appreciated job roles.

Marketing apprentices will generally be based in one of their marketing teams and might work with external agencies to deliver specialist elements of their marketing campaigns.

Landing an apprenticeship position with Amazon Sales and Marketing can develop your career in Marketing, Digital Marketing, B2B Sales, or Broadcast Production Assistance.

Transport And Logistics

amazon Fulfilment

The Transport and Logistics program is a down-to-earth, practical program designed for warehouse operators with lean systems installed in companies.

Business Improvement technician apprenticeship teaches you how to identify and eliminate waste, create flow and improve quality leading to greater efficiency and increased profitability.

The purpose is to equip learners with a foundation level of knowledge and skill that will enable them to successfully contribute to continuous improvement and add value to the Amazon business.

Throughout the course, you’ll work as a warehouse operative team member that ensures that customers receive an extremely positive experience by timely picking, packing, and shipping products. As a technician, you will first be trained for a specific job role within the Transport and Logistics division.

Amazon also takes apprentices for their Team Leader position, a first-line management role. At the end of the apprenticeship program, you will be expected to provide direction, instructions, and guidance to achieve set goals.

The primary job responsibilities as a Team Leader revolve around supporting, managing, and improving team members, projects and plans, deadlines, workloads, and resources while resolving any incoming problems.

With the Transport and Logistics apprenticeship completed, you can gain knowledge in Business Improvement Technician or the higher management Team Leader Apprentice. With the help of Job Test Prep, you can prepare yourself for the Warehouse and Fulfilment associate position.

Amazon Apprenticeship Application And Recruitment Process

The Amazon Apprenticeship process starts with you finding a suitable position and applying with your CV. Take a look at each step of the Apprenticeship application process below:

Online Application

Employee Working on Laptop

During this application step, you will upload your CV, fill in your details and answer several eligibility questions.
Job Test Prep has a thorough, professional, informational article for CV tips to help you make the best CV possible. Follow their tips, and you will wow the Amazon representatives.

Online Tests And Interview

In the next step, you will get a few tests that will measure your knowledge and ability in Maths, English, or the language you will use during apprenticeship (for non-English speaking job positions.)

There will be a part with a video interview where you can share more about your background, motivations, knowledge, skills, and interests.

Assessment Centre

Assessment centers include group exercises, presentations, and individual interviews.

Amazon Apprenticeship Assessments

Apprenticeship assessments are the most complex part of the Apprenticeship application process. Through the tests, assignments, and interviews that Amazon proctors administer, they will test your compatibility with their culture, values, and requirements.

You will automatically be excluded from the apprenticeship program if you don’t pass the apprenticeship assessments. Earlier in our article, we provided you with some specialized sector-related preparation materials you can use to prepare for the examinations.

In the parts below, you will find some more Job Test Prep resources to help you with the generic tests (Math and English) and the interviews.

Online Tests

The Online tests conducted on the Amazon application website are used to shortlist competent candidates suitable for an apprenticeship offer.

Amazon receives hundreds of new candidates daily, so they must exclude unsuitable individuals immediately. To do so, they give basic Math and English tests.

They assume that candidates who cannot pass these tests will also be unable to understand, gain and further improve their knowledge in more complex job positions during an apprenticeship.

Furthermore, for some apprenticeship positions, they might also check for minimal, basic knowledge of specific related topics to ensure that you understand and grasp the concepts they teach.

The following three sections get more into the testing subjects.


Math tests will measure your knowledge and abilities in basic numerical operations, decimals, fractions, geometry, and the like. They ensure that you understand numerical problems and use logical reasoning when working with numbers.

English (or Local) Language

Another test you might be given is the English Language knowledge and usage test. In it, you will be asked questions about grammar, punctuation, usage of words, sentence structure, ability to express your thoughts through writing, and the like.

Job Test Prep has an education article that can give you numerous helpful tips for acing the written English Language test.

Apprenticeship Specific Questions

In this part of the process, Amazon also gives some apprenticeship-appropriate specialized tests that measure candidates’ knowledge about basic concepts in their chosen apprenticeship sector.

For example, a candidate without any knowledge or experience in Engineering and manufacturing would not be successful in their job responsibilities.

If they don’t have basic knowledge about engineering, electronics, robotics, product design, hydraulics, and the like, they would be unable to follow, understand or implement things taught during an apprenticeship because they lack the basic understanding of the concepts used.

It’s important to note that Amazon won’t be looking for expert-level knowledge or experience, nor do they expect you to know how to conduct specific Amazon job responsibilities.

These tests aim to simply check your basic knowledge about a topic and your predispositions to understand, learn and use the things you will be taught if given apprenticeship access.

Earlier in our article, we provided all the practice materials that Job Test Prep offers at this time for each of the Amazon Apprenticeship sectors.


Business Lady interviewing a man

The Interview is the last part of the assessment. In it, you will be asked questions about your education, previous employment, past experiences, and developed skills.

There will also be questions that will assess your mindset, default behavior, interests, and personality traits that Amazon values, like teamwork, leadership, wish to learn, motivation, work ethics, and the like.

Job Test Prep can help you with the Amazon Behavioural and Virtual interviews.

How To Pass The Amazon Apprenticeship Assessments?

The complexity of the Amazon Apprenticeship application process and assessments comes from the nature of the contract. You are applying to learn, but also to work. So, you need to show your abilities to do both. The Amazon Apprenticeship application is a college application and job recruitment.

The best way to pass a process as complex as the Amazon apprenticeship assessments is to use the help of experts. Job Test Prep is the most extensive library for online practice materials for countless tests.

They currently hold more than 20 practice materials for Amazon-specific job positions alone. Plus, they have numerous free informational articles that will give helpful tips and prepare you for apprenticeship recruitment.

What Does Job Test Prep Offer?

Here are the three powerful tools that you’ll get in Job Test Prep Amazon preparation packs:

Accurate practice tests simulate the real Amazon apprenticeship (and job recruitment) online tests so that nothing will catch you by surprise.

Immersed pieces of training, study guides, and detailed solutions to sharpen the specific skills you must master to ace the tests.

Practice sessions with real-time constraints – on the actual tests, you’ll have tight time limits, so these sessions will help you get used to working efficiently under time pressure.

Helpful practice materials for CVs, Interviews, Work style assessments, and desired personality traits.

Benefits Of Amazon Apprenticeship

Apprenticeships are perfect if you combine theoretical learning with practical, hands-on experience (and a steady paycheck).

They are also a great way to retrain or take your career in a brand new direction. Whatever brings you to Amazon, with enough dedication and effort, you can acquire a certification, knowledge, and abilities that many individuals can’t get even in college.

From associate positions to management, it’s the beginning of a career that could truly change your life.

Whatever background, qualifications, or aspirations you might have, Amazon offers numerous opportunities, whether it’s in operations, information technology, engineering, software development, fashion, or marketing.

You will develop new skills through in-class lessons and hands-on experience with an apprenticeship offer.

But, their programs are for people with a passion for learning and development, not those who just want a new “thing to do.”

These are the benefits you can count on if you become a new Amazon apprentice:

  • Competitive hourly wages ranging between £9 and £12, or a little higher in London
  • Work experience and practical guidance from experienced professionals
  • Training that covers both theoretical background and practical knowledge
  • Learning from example, since you will closely work with numerous Amazonian professionals
  • Full-time Amazon job offer once you successfully complete the apprenticeship


Apprenticeships are ideal if you would like to incorporate academic learning with real-world experience. They are, furthermore, an excellent option if you want to reskill and change the course of your profession.

Whatever brought you to Amazon, they have a wide range of programs that will fit your interests, goals, and priorities.

But, landing an apprenticeship opportunity is not easy since there is a lot of interest in such an opportunity. To ace the apprenticeship recruitment process, you must go above and beyond with your abilities, knowledge, and personality traits.

Preparing for the Amazon apprenticeship program with Job Test Prep and their exclusive practice packs is the best way to ensure that you start the recruitment process with a headstart before your competition.

​Written by Victoria Todorovska

Victoria (or Viki) is a Freelance Writer, Psychologist, and Gestalt Therapy Consultant. With years of experience in higher education as well as counselling others, she is well-placed to offer expert advice on guiding others up the career ladder.