How to Study And Pass the Admin Test?

The Admin Test will determine how you move forward in your career as a future administrative assistant. Administrative assistants strive to support fellow coworkers and complete essential tasks for their company.

In addition, every company across various industries requires administrative assistants, without whom their daily operations will be negatively impacted.

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Therefore, admin assistants are essential to their respective businesses, and their skills must be up to par with their work environment.

For companies to see if someone is a good fit as an administrative assistant, passing this test is a necessary step. In this guide, you will find some useful information about the Admin Test, what to expect from it, and how you can prepare for it to improve your chances of scoring well.

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What Is the Admin Test?

The Admin Test is designed to evaluate a candidate’s capabilities relating to their line of work. There are a variety of ways in which they are evaluated based on their skills and knowledge of their career path.

When it comes to admin aptitude tests, expect to be tested on your reasoning, verbal understanding, numeracy, and situational judgment skills. Some companies also like to test their candidate’s skills for spotting errors through assessments that require one to verify the accuracy of information.

The content within the test will determine whether or not the test candidate has the skills necessary for their desired job. The need for administrative assistants is on the rise, along with the potential salaries they can receive so if you have the desire to become one, you need to prepare for the admin test adequately.

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Preparing for the Admin Test

There are a few good methods to help you prepare for the test both before and during the test. One of the first steps to preparing for the test is doing research on the company you plan to apply for.

Knowing the ins and outs of the company and how they operate will help you understand what they prioritize and how you should provide your answers. Furthermore, the company may be impressed with your knowledge and will likely see you as a more reliable candidate.

Studying the skills you will need to work for this company is essential. You can put your skills to practise by taking practice tests on Job Test Prep which has all the preparation materials, study guides, and sample questions you’ll need to help you pass.

There will be plenty of multiple-choice questions on the test, and there will be a chance that you may struggle to answer some of them. Examine each question carefully and eliminate any choices you think are incorrect.

Every company has a variety of software programs that you will need to become familiar with. You will need to learn about programs like Microsoft Word, and Excel, among others. You will also have to know how to work with organizational tools like calendars and planners.

Familiarizing yourself with the programs will boost your chances of doing well in the admin test.

Another crucial thing to know is how to manage and prioritize certain tasks. You can apply these skills to real-life and work alike. It’s vital to learn how to figure out which tasks you are able to complete or need the most attention first and foremost.

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Parts of the Admin Test

The Admin test consists of questions that will evaluate how effective you will be in the job. The test will be an excellent way of seeing how skilled you are in certain areas since there are a variety of areas administrative assistants must excel in to do their jobs well.


You will need to have exceptional communication skills to excel at your job. You will be communicating with employees at any level of work on a daily basis. This part will mostly be evaluated with questions revolving around writing, reading comprehension, and basic communication skills.

You just excel in both written and verbal communication so you can keep things on track in the company.

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Software Skills

As mentioned previously, having software skills will be an essential part of your career. Companies use a variety of software services to keep their business running, and the company will want to see proof of your expertise.

To prepare for this section of the admin test, you should experiment with the necessary programs and take practice tests. This will help you learn how to use them with ease and ace this part of the test. Distinguish your strengths and weaknesses and brush up on the skills you feel need the most attention.

Organization Skills

Organizational skills are required as a part of everyday life, but they are critical in the job scope of an admin assistant. In your career, you will be required to organize important documents, complete a multitude of tasks, and keep your overall workspace organized throughout the day.

To brush up on your organization skills, a series of data interpretation questions will suffice as a good study guide. You can also apply organizational skills that you use in everyday life to your work environment. If you are a naturally organized person, this section of the admin test may be a cinch for you.

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Accuracy Skills

Employers will be impressed with applicants who can provide accurate information in their work and pay attention to essential details. You can brush up on your accuracy skills by playing different games that involve pointing out errors or differences.

Also, brush up on arithmetic skills to help you keep accurate track of numerical data. You should be able to prove to your employers that you are capable of working accurately under pressure while providing the best results.

Interpersonal Skills

Interpersonal skills are a must-have for any employee. Administrative assistants must be comfortable communicating with everyone in their work environment. Therefore, your interpersonal skills will also be important during your interview.

The questions for this section may revolve around how you would handle certain situations and how well you think you would get along with other people. They would most closely align with the values and beliefs of the company you are planning to work for. Knowing how to answer these questions accurately is the key to success.

Administrative assistants help keep the company running smoothly and provide assistance for some of the most vital tasks in the company. The ability to communicate efficiently will be beneficial to your overall work experience.

You can brush up on these skills by practising how you would answer in a mock interview. Also, practise with hypothetical situations and answers to figure out what you would do in different situations.

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Sample Questions

The admin test is both an evaluation of your skills and an evaluation of your overall character. Some of the personality-oriented questions may look something like this:

  • How do you think you would handle sudden challenges that arise within the workspace?
  • What is one of the biggest challenges you have had to overcome?
  • How well do you deal with work-related stress?
  • How do you manage deadlines?
  • What do you feel are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Skill-based questions may look like this:

  • How long have you been working in this field or a similar field?
  • How good are you with technology?
  • What are your biggest accomplishments?

If you want to see more sample questions to help you in your preparation, have a look at Job Test Prep which has various practice tests so you know what to expect.

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Passing the Test

Teacher guiding Students in Exam hall

If you have any prior work experience, you may already have many of the skills that would be required for your desired job. Many skills can be developed by doing everyday tasks, and you can hone your skills through practice tests on Job Test Prep as well.

Give yourself time to brush up on any skills you feel you need to improve but do not forget to improve upon what you already excel in as well. If you are not familiar with any common software required in the job scope, take time to explore the software and take online crash courses that tell you all you need to know about their basic functions.

Ultimately, a solid studying and training schedule can come a long way in helping you prepare for the test.

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Admin Assistant Interview

In addition to tests, admin assistants also have to go through an interview. When you’re preparing for your interview, be sure to find out more about the company’s products or services and understand your job scope.

Familiarize yourself with your resume and highlight any qualifications or work experiences that are especially relevant to the job. Your interview is your chance to make an impression and convince your interviewers that you are the right person for the job.


Administrative assistants are the glue that holds many companies together. They strive to work hard for their company and help keep everything on track. Passing the admin test will bring you one step closer to securing your career and building your future so take the time to prepare adequately for it.

Job Test Prep is an excellent resource with study guides, practice exams, and sample questions to help you take your exam confidently.

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