2024 8th Grade STAAR Test Study Guide (With Practice Questions)

by Sarah Duncan

The 8th grade STAAR test, which is short for the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, is one of the standardized test given to all 8th graders in public schools.

The purpose of the STAAR test is to assess a student’s knowledge and skills mastered throughout the academic year and if he or she is ready to be promoted to the next grade.

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Passing the STAAR test can pose immense pressure on students. This is a test all eighth graders have to go through. If you, or your child, are frowning about the upcoming test day, make sure you take notes with all the study tips in this article.

What Is the 8th Grade STAAR Test?

Every year, eighth graders take the STAAR test towards the end of the academic year to have a detailed evaluation of the study progress this year. One subject will be administered on an exam date.

The 8th Grade STAAR test includes exams in four main subjects, which are:

  • Math
  • Reading
  • Science
  • Social studies

After the test, a scorecard will be sent to the student providing the pass/fail grade and the percentile the student falls into.

Only students who passed the STAAR test can be successfully promoted to the next grade. Those who failed the test will be given two more chances in the summer to retake it. If you can’t pass the test after all the attempts, you will have to repeat the grade until you can pass it next year.

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Is the STAAR Test Difficult?

The entire STAAR test is designed to be passable, but it is difficult to score full points. Therefore, if you are well-prepared and have revised all the topics beforehand, you should not find the STAAR test extremely difficult.

However, there will be challenging parts to the test. Each test is divided into three sections:

  • The easy concept-based questions
  • The regular application questions
  • The advanced questions

Normally, the simple questions are straightforward and relevant to the basic concepts taught in books. There is not much critical thinking needed to process this part. All you need is to memorize the book.

The application questions will dive into the concepts taught in the academic year by transforming them into scenario-based questions. For example, in the math exam, you will be given a scenario where the use of an algebraic formula is needed to solve the problem. These questions test the proficiency of a student in certain topics. Once you are familiar with the subject, these questions are not difficult.

Finally, there will be a few questions that are fairly challenging. The application of knowledge learned is not directly hinted at. Upon the first glimpse, it is not clear how the question relates to anything that you have learned. Students will have to work around the materials they have mastered and creatively come up with a way to solve those questions.

The easy and regular parts are here to help the average students to pass and be promoted to the next grade. The challenging questions are here to separate the elites of the class. Maybe they will be sent to another class with more advanced topics next year.

Since the purpose is to assess your knowledge bank, the test is made so the average student can pass. As long as you study well, passing is not a problem.

What Will the 8th Grade STAAR Test Include?

STAAR Math Test

There are 52 multiple-choice questions and four open-ended questions. Unlike the STAAR tests that you have taken in previous grades, the 8th Grade STAAR test will include much more advanced mathematic concepts and calculations.

During the entire academic year, students should have learned about algebraic equations and functions, spatial concepts, constructing formulas from data, data analysis, constructing and interpreting charts and diagrams, and more.

All of these concepts will be tested. Students are required to exercise their creative-thinking skills in certain questions where the application of multiple concepts and formulas at once are needed.

STAAR Reading Test

Students have to answer 52 questions based on six different passages. The genres of the passages can differ drastically, from poetry and biography to science fiction and drama; everything can be included.

The test assesses more complex skills like comprehension, communication, presentation, logical reasoning, and critical thinking skills. Students need to demonstrate an excellent understanding of the language used and the hidden meaning behind some sentences.

Each answer is expected to be grammatical and logically sound. Students have to articulate their thoughts in an error-free manner to score the full points. Sometimes, there will be the “do you agree?” questions. There is no right or wrong answer in this case. Students are expected to justify their answers with solid arguments and outstanding delivery.

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STAAR Science Test

All of the questions are multiple-choice only. In addition, a reference sheet with all the formulas and the periodic table is provided, so students do not need to memorize. The questions combine the biology, physics, geology, and chemistry elements with a number of cross-topic applications required.

Sometimes, the questions are derived from ongoing social events. For example, if there has been trending tectonic plate movement news, you will likely find questions based on this. Think about how the science you have learned can be applied in real life.

STAAR Social Studies Test

In the social studies test, there are 52 multiple-choice questions. The test covers topics like American history and geography, historic American documents, American wars, inventions and their influence, minorities, immigrants, the slave trade, and landmark court cases.

The social studies test measures the depth of students’ knowledge of American history and cultural values. Students are expected to show an in-depth knowledge of the country’s affairs and the elements that make up the country.

Since there are many topics discussed in the test, students should choose to place their main focus on the topics given the most attention in class or the heaviest portion in textbooks. Those topics will carry a heavier weight in the test.

Take 8th Grade STAAR Test Now

How to Pass the 8th Grade STAAR Test?

Follow these tips to pass the test with flying colors.

Take Practice Tests

There is no better way to prepare for the STAAR tests than actually taking it. TestPrep Online offers one of the most comprehensive structures and guidelines for preparing students for the upcoming STAAR tests.

You will get different sets of practice tests on all four categories, a full study guide, and 24/7 customer support. You are never alone when preparing for the hardest exam in your school life.

Create a Study Schedule

Following a study schedule makes the journey less horrendous, and it gives you a clear estimation of your progress. Break down your study plan into achievable bits. Start with the hardest part so you can be sure that you can get a hold of it before the exam.

Don’t hesitate to get help from peers or teachers when you feel stuck. Formulate an attainable study plan, such as finishing two chapters per day for two subjects. Your study goals should never be so ambitious that you are often behind schedule. But at the same time, it should not be too pessimistic that you can’t finish the whole revision before the test.

Read About Current Affairs

As mentioned, some of the test questions that you will encounter are based on current social issues. Take the time to read the newspapers every day. Find out what is going on in society that relates to some of the topics discussed and taught.

Being well-informed about current affairs gives you an advantage when answering those test questions. You can even come up with more information than given in the question to gain additional points.

Avoid Last-Minute Revisions

Unfortunately, last-minute revisions rarely do the trick. Most of the time, it only drags your performance behind. You end up doing the test with all your drowsiness and high anxiety.

Revisions should have been done throughout the academic year. If you pile up everything until the last minute, perhaps it’s better to sleep it off so that at least you will have a fresh brain to think creatively.

Read the Instructions Carefully

Some test questions are not as straightforward and require your logical and creating-thinking skills. For example, a question that asks you to interpret the core message in a passage means you have to paraphrase the main ideas conveyed instead of highlighting the opening or closing paragraph.

Read the instructions twice if possible to make sure you do not misunderstand the question. If you are unsure about it, read it over and over again before you attempt to solve it. Solving the question the wrong way will not get you any score, and it will be a waste of time anyway.

Time Yourself

Time is precious in a test. Allocate the maximum time you have for each question accordingly. Never spend too much time solving a question you do not know the answer to. Go back to that question if you ever have time left.

You need to attempt all test questions at least once. Go through the questions and complete those that you are familiar with first. Then, when you have time left, try the questions that are more difficult. If you have absolutely no idea what is going on in the hard section, don’t hesitate to leave them blank and double-check your answers again for other questions that you have done. That way, you can ensure the questions you did attempt have a high accuracy rate.

Rest Well

Nothing beats having a well-rested mind to tackle all the complicated questions. Give yourself an 8-hour sleep and show up on time for the exam.

How Is the 8th Grade STAAR Test Graded?

The grades fall into three categories according to the student’s proficiency in each subject. The three categories are:

  • ​​Level I: Unsatisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level II: Satisfactory Academic Performance
  • Level III: Advanced Academic Performance

Although the passing point varies in each subject and in each year, you will need at least 25% to 35% to pass a test. Scoring above 55% is a satisfactory performance, while scoring 89% means you are a master of the subject.

The grading system in the STAAR test is tough yet lenient. Ultimately, it is an indicator of students’ readiness for the next grade. Therefore, it aims to only stop students from progressing to the next grade if they are absolutely behind the study bar.

As long as you study hard for the STAAR test, you should not find the test particularly difficult to pass.

Take 8th Grade STAAR Test Now


The 8th Grade STAAR test is a standardized test that all eighth graders need to take. If you want to do well, you will need the best preparation method with TestPrep Online. Learn all the tips and tricks so you can hack the test and enjoy a stress-free summer.

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