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2024 6th Grade STAAR Test Study Guide (With Practice Test)

by Sarah Duncan

For 6th graders, the STAAR test is a familiar exam. They’ve taken it three times previously, in 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.

Nonetheless, it might be stressful for them to prepare and take the test. Especially if they are aware that their next school year depends on passing that test.

Take the 6th Grade STAAR Practice Test to improve your score.

To help 6th graders in their preparation for the STAAR test, Test Prep Online has some of the most relevant and thorough practice materials for the STAAR test, including 6th grade.

This article will explain everything you need to know about the STAAR test and it will also direct you to some of the best exercising materials out there.

Take 6th Grade STAAR Practice Test Now

What is the STAAR test for 6th grade?

The STAAR test (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) is a mandatory exam for students in the state of Texas. Starting from third grade, and up to high school, students need to successfully pass the STAAR test to move to the next grade.

The STAAR exam has two standards

  • Readiness Standards: The Readiness Standards are important since they make sure that the students have acquired the minimum knowledge they need from 6th grade, in order to follow and understand lessons that will be taught in 7th grade.
  • Supporting Standards: The Supporting Standards measure the knowledge on topics that were introduced in 6th grade but will be thoroughly taught in 7th.

What STAAR tests do 6th graders take?

Same as in the previous grades, 6th graders take the STAAR Test in two sub-categories math and reading.

Mathematics STAAR test

  • The math STAAR test for 6th-grade measures student’s knowledge in the following operations:
  • The four basic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
  • Fractions
  • Plotting Data
  • Graph analysis and understanding
  • Units of measurement
  • Properties of numbers
  • Geometry
  • Writing of equations based on given data

Reading STAAR test

  • The reading section of the test wants to measure the basic knowledge and abilities of the student to:
  • Read and thoroughly understand a passage
  • Understand the plot
  • Determine the broad theme of the passage and its point
  • Vocabulary, synonyms, and acronyms

Take 6th Grade STAAR Practice Test Now

How many questions are on the 6th-grade STAAR test?

The 6th grade STAAR math test contains a total of 52 questions, out of which 48 are with multiple-choice answers, while the remaining four are with open-end answers.

The reading STAAR test contains 48 questions. There are six passages, each long from 500 to 850 words. After each passage, there are eight questions regarding the passage.

You won’t need any additional help or materials to answer these questions. The point is to check if you can understand the basic plot, the characters included, the feelings that are portrayed, etc.

The time frame for completion of the STAAR test for 6th-grade is 4 hours for each of the sub-tests.

Sample questions for the 6th-grade STAAR test

Here are some examples of the types of questions the 6th graders will come across.

Mathematics STAAR test sample questions for 6th grade

  • Which expression is equivalent to 53p + (16p+7p)?

A (16p * 7p) + 53p
B (53p * 16p) * 7p
C (16p + 7p) *53p
D (53p + 16p) + 7p

  • Which list of angle measures could be the angle measures of a triangle?

A 20°, 45°, 120°
B 100°, 130°, 130°
C 35°, 60°, 85°
D 25°, 55°, 110°

  • The length of a marathon race is 26 miles 385 yards. What is the total length of the marathon race in yards?

A 2,171 yd
B 46,145 yd
C 137,665 yd
D 5,691 yd

Reading STAAR test sample questions for 6th grade

  • What does the word futile mean in paragraph 8?

F Useless
G Effortless
H Boring
J Troubling

  • In what way do Mom’s actions in paragraph 26 affect the plot?

F They cause Marcos to change his plans for visiting the family
G They lead the family to arrange a different date for the anniversary part
H They cause Aunt Laura to realize that she made a mistake by confiding to Mom
J They make it difficult for Elena to enjoy her brother’s arrival

  • What is the underlying cause of Owner and Dog’s disagreement?

A Owner wishes Dog would stop interrupting his naps.
B Owner is angry about Dog destroying his books.
C Dog feels that Owner has stopped meeting his needs.
D Dog wants praise for being loyal to Owner.

Take 6th Grade STAAR Practice Test Now

What is the passing grade for the STAAR test?

The STAAR Performance Standards are divided into three groups:

Level 1 – Unsatisfactory Performance

These students have not passed the exam and are not ready for the next grade. They would need help in getting ready and passing the exam. These students will have two more chances to pass alternatives of the STAAR test. They will receive interventions and guidance from professionals who will work with them. If they fail the test two more times, they might need to re-take 6th grade.

Level 2 – Satisfactory Performance

The students in this category have the base knowledge they need to have to continue to 7th grade. On the test, they’ve shown their ability to think and apply the knowledge that was taught through the school year. They might still need the help and intervention of parents and school teachers.

Level 3 – Advanced Performance

The students in this category have mastered all their lessons and topics from 6th grade. They can move to 7th grade without any major inconsistencies in their knowledge. They will be able to add on and build the knowledge that they acquired through 6th grade.

Take 6th Grade STAAR Practice Test Now

STAAR test report and results

Raw score

On the STAAR Test Report, there is the so-called raw score, and that is the number of correctly answered questions. The minimum number of correct answers is not the same each year. It mostly depends on the total of questions on the test. In 2021, for example, the math STAAR test for grade 6 had a total of 40 questions, so the minimum number of correctly answered questions was 22. In the same year, the reading STAAR had a total of 38 questions and a minimum of 14 correct for passing.

Scale score

The scale score is comparing that particulars’ student score with the scores of its peers. So, it states how far better or worse results the student got compared to all the students taking the test.

The scale score also gives the vertical scale score. The vertical score gives the student’s performance for reading and mathematics from third to sixth grade.

Writing score

If the student also did the STAAR writing test, then on the report there will also be a score of the compositions, right next to the score for the multiple-choice answers. This section displays the points that were obtained against the total points that could have been gained on the writing test.

Can you practice the STAAR test?

The questions and answers that are on the STAAR test are publicly available only after the testing has been finished for the current school year.

But, even though a student can’t practice the exact questions from the test, they can always practice the structure and the testing material from the questions.

For that, Test Prep Online comes to the rescue. They have extensive and very thorough exercising materials that 6th graders can use for practicing the STAAR Test.

Practicing is very important since it can give the 6th grader the support they need while preparing for the STAAR.

What’s Included in the Test Prep Online Practice Tests?

  • UPDATED questions for 2023
  • 442 total questions
  • Two full-length practice CogAT Tests
  • Nine drills for extra practice
  • Thorough explanations
  • Study guide with helpful solving tips
  • Paper folding study guide
  • Score reports to track your child’s progress

Tips to successfully pass the STAAR Test

If you are anxious about taking the test, there are numerous things you can do to calm yourself. Here are a few things to help you while you prepare for the STAAR test for 6th Grade:

  • Research: Learn as much as you can about the testing itself by visiting official sites.
  • Understand the structure: Get familiar with the structure of the test and the way of testing.
  • Practice each day: There is no better way to move forward than to do it one step at a time.
  • Plan study: Find a study partner or a comfortable place (and time of the day) to study.
  • Commit: If you struggle with motivation and organization, make a schedule and a commitment to at least an hour of daily practice.
  • Use practice materials: Get the practicing materials from Test Prep Online and practice the right content.
  • Do an objective assessment of your strong and weak points: Some parts of the material will be easier for you, while others will need more practice. Make sure that you start with the things which you know will take a while until you get your head around.
  • Don’t stress out: If you anxiously count the number of days until the testing, you will only stress yourself and lower your ability to memorize the things you study.
  • Take breaks while studying: The brain gets tired after 20 minutes or half an hour. Do short breaks – go for a quick walk around the neighborhood, listen to your favorite song, go grab a snack, play with your pet, or do whatever relaxes you. But, limit your screen time, since scrolling on the phone might turn into half an hour distraction instead of a short break.
  • Repeat out loud: When practicing, if there is something you need to remember, repeat it out loud. It’s a proven way of remembering something. For some students, it helps more if they write it down a couple of times. Find what works for you.
  • Don’t memorize things you don’t have to: And don’t do calculations in your mind. If there is a formula you need to use, write everything on paper. The chances of getting the wrong result are far bigger if you try to do math in your mind.

To lower your child’s anxiousness right before or during the test, help them understand the following tips to stay relaxed and focused:

  • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths: According to WebMD, this is the easiest way to calm your body and mind. If you start the test panicked, you might forget things you knew you learned, or you might make silly mistakes by rushing.
  • Make sure you’re rested: Have a nice breakfast, drink plenty of water, and don’t forget to use the bathroom. Any physical need that might arise during the testing time, can only distract you.
  • Read the questions carefully: Sometimes you might get a detail wrong and that will be enough of a trigger to think that you don’t know the answer or to simply answer incorrectly. It’s better to read the question 4 times than it is to read it once and answer it wrong.
  • If you need to use a drawing, or a diagram, do so: Just make sure you ask if you are allowed to use any helping paper.
  • If you don’t know the answer to a question, simply move on: You will have plenty of time to go back to it. It’s better to calmly solve everything you’re sure of, instead of wasting a lot of time on one question and then rushing through the rest.
  • Use all the time you have for the test: Once you answer all the questions you’re sure of, go through the ones that you left blank. You don’t have to finish first, they don’t give extra points for finishing early.

Take 6th Grade STAAR Practice Test Now


The STAAR Test is mandatory for students from 3rd grade onwards. 6th graders have experience with the test but can still get anxious and nervous about the testing material and the report.

Test Prep Online is the right place to look for the most thorough practice materials for 6th-grade STAAR Test.

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